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The Gingerbread House in Mistletoe Gardens by Jaimie Admans

The Gingerbread House in Mistletoe Gardens


The perfect cozy and uplifting romance to curl up with this winter!

In Mistletoe Gardens a legend exists: anyone who kisses underneath the mistletoe will be guaranteed another year of love…

When local baker Essie Browne discovers that Mistletoe Gardens is to be demolished in January, she’s determined to save the place she loves so much. So Essie proposes building a life-size gingerbread house to bring in the crowds…just how hard can it be?

Well, quite hard actually. Essie can bake gingerbread blindfolded, but she hasn’t got a clue how to build an actual house with it! She needs help – and fast!

Enter local builder, Joss Hallissey. Essie is convinced that with Joss’s help, they can pull this off. There’s just one tiny problem: Joss hates Christmas, gingerbread, and… well, just about everything else too.

Joss the Grinch makes it clear that her idea is ludicrous and pointless, but he reluctantly agrees to help with her plan.

Will the gingerbread house be enough to save Mistletoe Gardens? Or will Essie’s chance for a magical kiss under the mistletoe be lost forever?

Perfect for fans of Holly Martin, Kat French, and Caroline Roberts!


Holy Mistletoe! My first Jaimie Admans novel is a hit. It’s a feel-good romance about learning to believe in yourself and others as well as healing old wounds and opening your heart.

Essie Browne’s overbearing mother’s mission is to marry her daughter off to a local so she’ll stay in town. However, Essie is not looking for a new romance due to her last failed relationship which had her coming back home with her tail between her legs. So when a great opportunity to save the local Mistletoe Gardens arises, Essie is all in. Unfortunately, her overzealous enthusiasm may get her in hot water if she doesn’t find a builder to help her with her Christmas project of a life-sized gingerbread house. 

Enter the grumpy and unsociable Joss Hallissey whose first priority is to leave this town by the first of next year. This town did not do him any favors when his life was going to hell, so he did not owe any back. But unexpectedly, the sweet and lovely gingerbread maker changed his mind when she looked him in the eye and saw the lonely man beneath his angry mask.

I love Essie and Joss’s relationship. They listen to each other and give each other support where others have failed. I had never heard of a Welsh cwtch before which is “much more than a hug” and Essie uses it deservedly and liberally on Joss with no objections from him. It’s so endearing that I caught myself just sighing. Essie’s kindness and patience with Joss are lovely as she gets Joss to open up about his tragic life. Joss is misunderstood by the town due to his tragic past and it’s wonderful watching Essie peel back his layers to see the generous and compassionate man underneath. Will she convince him to stay? Not before some secrets are revealed and a charming grand gesture is made.

Loveable characters abound in this story. One will chuckle at Mr. Arkins in his dino-suit and the Mystical Magical Magi (MMM) with her magical potions of questionable origins and sage advice about love. 

In addition, there are interesting facts about gingerbread at the beginning of every chapter and also yummy and inventive ways to build a large gingerbread house.

I recommend this delightful slow-burn holiday romance which confirms that “nothing’s impossible at Christmas”. 

Thank you to Ms. Admans for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectations of a positive review.


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Jaimie AdmansJaimie Admans is the bestselling author of several romantic comedies – including The Little Christmas Shop on Nutcracker Lane and The Chateau of Happily-Ever-Afters. She lives in South Wales and was previously published by HQ Digital.

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