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Two to Tango (Brits in Manhattan #2) by Laura Carter

Two To Tango


A high-intensity personal trainer

The secret to Brooks’s success as a Manhattan gym owner? Being motivated to disprove everyone who ever doubted him. So he’s not about to let a perky newcomer like Izzy tarnish his reputation. Even if watching her lead a salsa class on his premises gets his own heartbeat raised…

His beautiful British rival

Every time influencer Izzy slams Brooks in her fitness blog, her book sales soar. But when their escalating media feud forces them to be up-close-and-personal for two weeks, she realizes there’s much more to Brooks than that lean and muscled body.

And a competition that’s got their hearts racing…

Soon Izzy and Brooks are finding all kinds of creative ways to work up a sweat. A passionate workout is easy, but can their rivalry give way to a lasting partnership?


Book 2 of the Brits in Manhattan series is chock-full of fragile egos, childish acts, and extreme rivalry. 

Brooks is a single dad and self-made fitness trainer who now owns a successful gym in New York City. He loves his beautiful daughter Cady, has loyal and caring friends, and for the last 18 years is still trying to prove himself to the only woman he has ever loved and her disapproving parents. However, a new devil woman is in town determined to make his life a living hell. What kind of spell has she put him under?

Izzy is a spoiled. entitled, socialite who is in New York City promoting her fitness book. Getting away from her domineering and controlling mother is a relief considering she thinks Izzy is wasting her life pursuing a pointless career, but she has exchanged that dynamic with her publicist Kerry who only adds to her angst about selling her book by any means possible. Even if that means pissing off a cocky, gorgeous tattooed gym owner fighting her at every turn.

Brooks is a great dad and he takes pride in his work. However, he’s got a chip on his shoulder and Izzy aggravates it because she reminds him of his ex…rich and privileged. I found it a bit unbelievable that he has pined for his ex for 18 years considering she moved on with other men and never looked back. I’m not sure what he sees in Izzy considering her childish tantrums and total disregard for his privacy and livelihood. Izzy certainly needs to grow up and not live under her mummy’s thumb and she does, but still, I don’t see the appeal.

Their competition is funny and interesting as they challenge each other to try out their fitness and diet regimes. The love-hate relationship is normally my favorite trope and I love book 1 in this series, but this one fell short for me. 

I was delighted to see Brooks’ friends from The Law of Attraction. Again, Sarah, Drew’s assistant and friend to Brooks and now Izzy, is loyal to her people and a steadfast advocate for love. I’m holding out for her story. Drew and Kit are close friends who don’t sugarcoat their advice, but they do it out of allegiance.

I am not a fan of Brooks or Izzy, but Laura Carter’s writing style is captivating and fun which kept me reading until the end. 

Thank you to Ms. Carter for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.

Brits in Manhattan Series:

  1. The Law of Attraction (2023)
  2. Two to Tango (2023)


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Laura Carter is the bestselling author of several rom-coms including the series Brits in Manhattan which she is relaunching and expanding with Boldwood. She lives in Jersey and was previously published by Canelo.

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