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The Law of Attraction (Brits in Mahattan #1) by Laura Carter

The Law of Attraction


A Hotshot Manhattan Attorney.

Drew Harrington knows exactly who he is—a legal shark with a love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude that works just fine in his cutthroat world. He’s on the cusp of being named a partner in his firm, but only if he can prove to his colleagues that he has a more human side.

A Sweetheart of a British Patisserie Chef.

Becky Fletcher is running from her past, so the last thing she’s looking for is love. What she does want is a friendly face in a cold city. Her sunny outlook is perfect opposite to Drew’s hard exterior, but can she afford to let down her guard?

One fateful meeting at a bagel cart.

They sound like a match made in heaven—or is it a car crash?


Laura Carter’s unique take on this contemporary grumpy/sunshine romance is mainly told in the male protagonist’s voice which is a nice change of pace. 

The arrogant and ruthless lawyer Drew Harrington is on his way to making partner with the best law firm in New York. He has sacrificed a lot to get here including his family and his personal life. One-night stands are his norm and relationships are out of the question. Until an attractive, unpretentious British pastry chef challenges his better judgment by accepting her advice to become a better person to get the votes for his promotion. She’s too much of a distraction for a relationship, but can they really be just friends?

Rebecca “Becky” Fletcher is a kind, funny, British pastry chef who is making her home in New York after leaving her troubled past behind. Determined to make a new and better life for herself she is enjoying her job and touring the city that never sleeps. Then he comes along. The wealthy, dickhead arsehole who oozes confidence and sex appeal. He’s gotten under her skin and wants to show her his city, but can she keep things platonic knowing he’s the first thing in New York that has made her truly happy?

All work and no play makes Drew an asshole with a shitty disposition. He originally comes across as a player and slimy lawyer with no human qualities, but with some good advice from a friend to learn some humanity from British Becky, he is on his way to revealing the good man he has always been underneath the façade. Watching Drew at war with his emotions over Becky is delightful and satisfying. He’s so infatuated that he uncharacteristically forgets his wallet on one occasion and his phone on another. When she does a one-nighter on him, he’s angry and confused. But he’s not fooling anyone. He’s fallen hard. Unfortunately, Becky is hiding a big secret that is heartbreaking at best. Her life is mysterious and the reader gets tidbits throughout the book until the big reveal. We don’t really find out Becky’s feelings about Drew until then which is what kept me flipping the pages until the end.

Drew’s friends and family are a good addition to the story. They bring out the good in Drew which won me over. I especially like Sarah, Drew’s assistant and good friend, who is Drew’s conscious and Becky’s biggest supporter. Also, Becky’s boss, friend, and protector, Edmond, is a true gem when he basically saves her life by moving her from London to New York.

If you love a delightful and heartfelt Cinderella story with a Prince Charming in training, give this book a try.

Thank you to Ms. Carter for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review. 

Brits in Manhattan Series:

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The Law of Attraction

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Laura writes romance and women’s fiction with a romantic slant. Exploring everyday relationships and getting under the skin of her characters is her passion.

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