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Love the Way You Hate Me (Love the Way You Hate Me #1) by Gayatri. R



Dear Karina,

You frustrate me incredibly. And that’s why I probably can’t get you out of my mind.
It’s difficult for me to pinpoint what it is about you that I love the most.

I want to tell you what I feel, but I get tongue-tied whenever I see you. Which is why we end up arguing every single time, and it takes every bit of my self-control to not shut you up with my mouth.

It all started with a note. A note that had me paralyzed with confusion in every part of my body. Nowhere do I fit into a category of the type of girl who has a huge fan base of boys liking me. Perhaps this note isn’t even meant for me. But there’s only one girl with the name mentioned in the note and that’s me.


The thing is… I don’t know who my potential admirer could be. But what really gets me thinking is the way in which the letter is framed. The arguing. The frustration circulating around every word and the paragraph that’s got to do with me.

I don’t want to accept it. But I can’t ignore it. It can’t be.

There’s no way in hell Dane Carter would like someone like me. My sworn enemy and the very bane of my existence. Not to mention… giving evil and trouble a very good name.

Quarterback of the football team.

Devilishly gorgeous face and eyes that can stare right through you… deriving every secret of yours. Whenever he and I stare at each other… even if it’s just for a brief moment… it always results in him wanting to set me aflame.

The more we interact, the more I realize there’s something more to him than what I initially thought of him to be.

I shouldn’t be gravitating toward him but I can’t resist the urge to unmask the beastly layers he has used as an armor, imprisoning the warm, caring, and loveable side of him that have been poisoned by his demons.

Is this really the hate that I feel? And why does it make me feel different? Especially with him?



This love story is laced with alcoholism and obsession which drew me to it like a moth to a flame.  

Told in dual first-person perspectives by a possessive and broken bad boy and an uncertain and lonely girl, their story is incredibly toxic, a lot romantic, and unbelievably heartbreaking all at the same time. Dane Carter is the angry and snide school quarterback who develops a crush-turned-obsession with Karina, the beautiful and talented dancer who locks eyes with him during her school performance. Karina always thought Dane hated her because he told her once that they would never be friends and his cruel teasing proved that. But Dane is hiding his true feelings. He loves Karina and the only way he can open up is when he is drinking. His past is tragic and his guilt is tearing him up. Karina is the only one who makes him happy, but can he overcome his shame and addiction to keep her? 

Dane is the typical bully who hates himself more than anyone else. He’s really a hopeless romantic wooing the girl he loves more than life itself. Okay, he’s a bit over-the-top creepy stalking her all the time. He will under no circumstances let another boy disrespect or even breathe in Karina’s direction. And most importantly he’s not really a bad boy, he just hasn’t found the right girl until now. But first, he has to face his demons and be the man Karina deserves.

Karina’s past is less clear. I feel her character is not as well developed and I wanted to learn more about her past. She is strong and makes Dane work hard to win her over and I understand her fear of opening up her heart. However, she comes through when Dane needs her most despite the unnecessary drama towards the end resulting in a happy ending.

One thing I noted was that the smart and articulate dialogue by high school students didn’t resonate well with me and I felt it would have been better used with older characters. Also, the ending seemed rushed and neatly tied up revealing certain character traits that weren’t even hinted at throughout the story.

If you enjoy stories about anti-heroes and the women who adore them, give this book a try.

Thank you to Ms. R for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Love the Way You Hate Me

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Gayatri. RA twenty-something author who takes great pride in writing kissing-books that contain a lot of sin with a dash of fairytale magic! Her female Mc’s bring their alpha men on their knees.

When Gayatri isn’t writing you can find her in a bookstore thinking on how to ransack the entire shelf.

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