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Always the Bridesmaid (Brits in Manhattan #4) by Laura Carter

Always The Bridesmaid


A cheeky chappy comedian

Charlie is most comfortable playing the funny man in front of boisterous crowds in London’s comedy clubs. But he’s about to be swapping his routine for wedding speeches. And his new acquaintance Sarah, thinks he is anything but amusing.

The woman who’s got it covered

Weddings are always a difficult time for widow Sarah, but you would never tell – she’s too focused on making the week of her best friends’ wedding as perfect as possible. She definitely has no time for the grumpy and surly Charlie, who it’s clear her friends are trying to set her up with.

And only one room left at the rental…

When a drunken invitation adds more people to the pre-wedding holiday house than Sarah organized for, she finds herself spending A LOT more time with Charlie than she intended. If only they could both let their guards down, they might find they have more in common than they think


Sarah and Charlie’s journey from enemies to friends to lovers is a delightful and heartwarming tale of two lonely souls finding each other at a wedding. In this captivating romantic comedy, author Laura Carter brings to life the story of Sarah, a wise and funny widow, and Charlie, a grumpy and graceless comedian.

Sarah, who lost her one true love in a tragic accident, has devoted herself to the people she loves. Her heart belongs to her late husband, and she never thought it could belong to anyone else until Charlie enters her life. Meanwhile, Charlie, who has struggled in the foster care system, finds it difficult to hope for what he doesn’t believe he can have, especially Sarah, who seems unattainable.

The connection between Sarah and Charlie is beautifully portrayed with sweet honesty and awkwardness. As they peel away each other’s masks, they discover the real person beneath. Sarah, a people pleaser, fears losing the ones she loves, while Charlie uses laughter and comedy as a shield against heartbreak.

Charlie’s genuine and sometimes bumbling nature is endearing. He is not the typical alpha hero billionaire who effortlessly wins the girl. Rather, he is relatable, unfiltered, and flawed, with a love for Marvel underwear and romantic comedies. He takes Sarah on an unforgettable guided tour of London, making her laugh and rediscover her old self.

Sarah, on the other hand, is beautiful, independent, and incredibly organized. She goes above and beyond to help others, and Charlie sees and appreciates her true nature. He sees beyond her façade and helps her let her guard down. Although Sarah initially behaves coldly toward Charlie, her kind heart guides her to apologize, leading to a unique and heartwarming relationship.

While this story is filled with laughter and joy, it also touches on the challenges of long-distance relationships. The desire for closure regarding how Sarah and Charlie will navigate the distance between London and New York may leave you longing for more.

Always the Bridesmaid is an enchanting romantic comedy that celebrates the connection between two individuals who are seemingly opposites. Prepare to laugh, cry, and cheer for Sarah and Charlie as they embark on their journey towards a happy ending. Laura Carter’s storytelling skillfully captures the essence of their adorable and deserving love story.

Thank you to Ms. Carter for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.

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Always the Bridesmaid

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Laura Carter writes romance and women’s fiction with a romantic slant. Exploring everyday relationships and getting under the skin of her characters is her passion. She takes inspiration from everything she overhears in cafés, so be wary of that strange woman ‘listening’ to music next time you’re chatting over coffee. Laura lives with her family in Jersey, Channel Islands.

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