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Anyone But the Boss (Anyone But You #2) by Sara L. Hudson

Anyone But The Boss


Thomas Moore, heir to the glamorous New York department store Moore’s, has everything. Everything but a sense of humor. Probably why he’s so often compared to his philandering crook of a father.

Alice Truman, recently promoted from the sales floor, is determined to prove her worth. Even if that means smiling in the face of the arrogant and too-sexy-for-his-own-good Thomas Moore, who seems to think her unfit for her new position.

Avoidance works wonders until Alice’s best friend plans an Elvis-themed destination wedding with Thomas’ brother—a concept the modern Mr. Darcy loathes.

Throw in a hairless cat, a calamitous bachelorette party, and some questionable cocktails, and things become… complicated. And when things get complicated, anyone but the boss would be better.


What do you get with a destination wedding in Vegas, a bag full of dildos, and a hairless cat named Mike Hunt? A rip-roaring hilarious romp that will keep you in stitches from start to finish.

Thomas Moore is an uptight billionaire who is turning over a new leaf. He’s trying to express his feelings more, mending fences with his brother, Chase, and working on his stalker tendencies with the new marketing team’s visual merchandiser. The new girl is an enigma to a man like him. She’s shy, polite, and kind (except towards him), and he’s on his way to Vegas with her to help plan his brother’s wedding from hell. What could go wrong?

Alice Truman loves her job at Moore’s, but her brooding boss will be the death of her. He’s rude, condescending, and oh, so hot. Determined to prove her worth at work and as a bridesmaid to her new friend Bell, she will show decorum and be responsible for her actions. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

After getting wasted in Las Vegas, Alice and Thomas give in to their attraction and wake up with rings on their fingers and a marriage neither of them wants. Until Alice’s foster sister, Kayla, ditched her little girl, Mary, and Alice had to pick up the pieces. As a last-minute decision, Alice “blackmails” Thomas into staying married to save Mary from the foster care system which Alice knows all too well.  Not a great start for the couple, but with a little help from a precocious little girl, and Thomas’s brother’s ugly pretentious hairless cat, Alice begins to see the softer side of the stoic, grumpy man for whom she is falling.  After all, Thomas pays attention to only those he cares about.

Thomas and Alice are the quintessential opposites attract scenario. Alice comes from the foster care system. Tough, driven, and fearing abandonment.  Thomas comes from wealth and people fear and despise him. Sadly, Thomas has lacked affection from a slimy father now in prison and a mother and brother who he is mending fences with. Alice loves Mary like she is her own and it is such a treat to see Thomas drop his guard to let them both in. He takes everything in stride from a dildo to his face, to a demon cat giving him the mean side-eye. And the best of all is the small precious gifts he gives Alice and Mary because he listens and cares more than he knows. It’s like watching the Grinch’s heart grow three times bigger. Sigh! Plus, the chemistry is off the charts and I love Alice’s take-charge attitude. The dressing room scene is memorable. 😉 Of course, there is always a conflict as Thomas’ bad social skills and Alice’s tragic past get in the way only to be redeemed in a sweet and funny grand gesture that made me feel everything all at once.

The supporting characters in this series are on point! Thomas’ brother, Chase (who you can meet in book 1) is flirty and absolutely hilarious with his “dude” and “T-money” nicknames for his brother, his love for his cat, Mike Hunt (renamed Prince Michael by Mary), and his extravagant Elvis wedding with Bell. Thomas’ mother, Emily, is a blessing for them all as she takes Alice and Mary under her wing and works to repair her relationship with her eldest son. And Mary is the icing on the cake with her total disregard for color choices and her way of wheedling herself into Thomas’ slowly melting heart. 

I highly recommend this delightful grumpy/sunshine rom-com that will pull at your heartstrings and tickle your funny bone.

Thank you to Ms. Hudson for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.

Anyone But You Series

1. Anyone But The Billionaire (2023)
     aka A Little Moore Action
2. Anyone But The Boss (2023)


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Sara HudsonSara L. Hudson is a bestselling romantic comedy author living in Houston, whose books include the hilarious Space series, featuring the men and women of NASA and their panty-melting happily-ever-afters.

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