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Hot Scheming Mess (Madison Cruz #1) by Lucy Carol


In this fast-paced mystery, out-of-work actress Madison Cruz runs an obstacle course of singing telegrams and spies as she tries to connect with her FBI mother, yet hide evidence for her grandfather. Hilarious friends aren’t helping even though they really, really, try to! As the mystery heats up, so does her attraction to a couple of steamy guys she just met. With two to choose from you’d think Madison could have double the fun. But she can’t think about that right now because the enemy is right behind her.


I guess we’re all capable of crazy things if we’re desperate enough.

Holy, Potatoes! What a wacky mystery filled with suspense, intrigue, and tons of laughs! I was hooked from the beginning when a shit-faced Madison Cruz, out-of-work actress, literally tackles a bunch of wrestlers for a gig.  Hilarious!

Madison is a badass. She takes no prisoners when it comes to speaking her mind and doing whatever she can for her loved ones. Her predicaments are endless. Some are amusing, but there is some seriously dangerous shit going down in her family that could get her killed. And, she has two smokin’ hot potential “boink buddies” to keep her warm at night. 

The mystery itself is well thought-out and keeps you guessing until the very end. But what really sets this story apart is its humor. From the minute she finds her grandfather fist fighting with a stranger in his house she is thrown into a world of mystery and intrigue. Her grandfather begs her to take a metal box with papers in it and hide it until he returns. Little did she know this request would take her down a rabbit hole of family secrets as she is determined to uncover them in between hilarious singing telegrams and zany funeral gigs, mending fences with her FBI agent mother, and running from men with guns.

Overall, Hot Scheming Mess is a wild ride that you won’t want to miss. Whether you’re a fan of suspense, comedy or just looking for a fun read, this book has something for everyone. So grab a copy, settle in and get ready for a wacky adventure that you won’t soon forget.


Hot Scheming Mess

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Lucy Carol’s top priority is to entertain you, and keep you turning pages. She writes mysteries for those who like it fun, fast, and don’t mind losing a little sleep. Living and writing in the Pacific Northwest, she loves martinis, flowers, dancing, a good lipstick, and cake. 

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