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Suspect runs and hides in a country town.  Burn victim identifies suspect.  Suspect’s name and photos are plastered on television and the newspapers.  Burn victim vows vengeance.  Suspect tries to redeem himself by helping a stranger and his family.  Not everyone is who they seem… not everything is cut and dried…

He was hated across Melbourne and throughout Victoria. He was hated across Australia and throughout the world, thanks to the power of the internet. And now, in a place of anonymity and equipped with a new name, he was hated here too.

This suspense thriller begins on the city streets of Melbourne, Australia, and ends in a small country town called Sulley Ridge.  Danger is everywhere.  “The man” thought he could get some relief from running in a small town, but the town is run by a vile man named Siphon who kills without provocation.  “The man” has nothing to lose and devises a plan to help the citizens of Sulley Ridge which also involves “the burned man” who wants the money.  The results of the bloody showdown are eye-opening while the truth comes out. Continue reading “This Strange Hell by @c_j_sutton @rararesources #blogtour #bookreview #suspensethriller”

Book Review: The Dark Lake by Sarah Bailey (9781538759929)

51IhKtKO55LIt’s amazing what you can keep buried when you want to.

A body is found in the small Aussie town of Smithson.  She was Rosalind Ryan, a local drama teacher and pregnant.  Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock is assigned the case with her partner, Detective Sergeant Felix McKinnon.  The detectives find out this is not a cut and dried case, and how is Gemma’s history with her old schoolmate, Rosalind, connected to the case?  There are a lot of secrets to be discovered, and Gemma and Felix have a lot to lose if their affair is one of them.

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Book review: Hunter, a novel by Campbell Jefferys (9781845493332)

Was Australia a haven for Nazi’s?

The book starts out with the story of a young, wounded soldier named Peter who deserts the German army in WWII to find refuge with a Polish couple. He is destined to leave Europe and moves to Australia to start a new life under a new name.

This is also a coming of age story in the present about a young teen named Eric who is trying to fit in at his new school on the coast of Australia. He has issues with his parents who fight incessantly and he finds that surfing and Pepper, a cool surfer girl, are his new passions.

Peter and Eric meet and form a new bond that is full of secrets and a creepy man named Baum threatens to expose Peter even though he has a notorious past of his own.

This was a good, not great, read. It exposes the secret that Australia and other countries harbored Nazis and members of the Nazi party after WWII where “few were hunted down and none were caught and put on trial.”