Book Review, Christian, Romance, Series

The Secret (Seasons of Grace Book #1) by Beverly Lewis

This is the first book in Beverly Lewis’ series, “Seasons of Grace” and it is clear from the ending (which was not satisfying for me) that the story continues on.

This story is about two young women, Amish Grace Byler and graduate student Heather Nelson who have to face difficult decisions in their lives. Grace is conflicted about her feelings for her beau, Henry, and she needs to find out why her mother, Lettie, ran off in the middle of the night with no explanation to her family. Heather is in denial about her cancer diagnosis and her fiance, serving in Iraq, has broken up with her after meeting a fellow woman soldier overseas.

I have to say the book is pretty depressing, but somehow it kept me reading with the suspense of finding out why Lettie ran off without telling her family.