Book Review, Detective Fiction, Mystery, Psychological, Suspense, Thriller

Sassy by Gloria Mallette

This book starts out with a terrifying moment of a woman getting stabbed by a cold blooded mad man named Norris. The suspense continues to build when we see Norris with a completely different personality.  Is he mad or isn’t he?  Sassy thinks he is the one, but events start to happen which cause her to doubt herself.  Sassy has enough on her plate trying to write her next novel and dealing with her brother’s illness, but Norris seems so caring and genuine…

You will be hooked from the first terrifying chapter to the final confrontation.  I loved the characters and the plot, but I thought the author could have come up with a more catchy name.  I don’t feel it was about Sassy in its entirety.

Thank you to Ms. Mallette and her publicist for sharing her book with me to review.