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Future Hope (ITP Book One) by David Gelber

It’s 2156 on Earth and the United Nations is the top governing body of the world, religion is eliminated and banned, rapid population expansion is slowed by using limited government-sanctioned pregnancies, medicine can cure virtually every disease leading to increased longevity and energy concerns have been eliminated. However, humans have used up the resources on the planet and in the galaxy.

So is interdimensional space exploration the next step? Dr. Deborah Tennyson, a brilliant mathematician, certainly thinks so and she is willing to send the best astropilot, David Sanders, to test it out. The first space flight proved successful as a dog named Little Bit was transported and returned relatively unscathed.

But will David Sanders succeed? He is an excellent astropilot, but he’s going into the unknown, and what he finds changes his belief in God and mankind.

Senator Adrian Leavitt wants the Interdimensional Travel Program to fail and would try anything to stop it from happening. Will he shut down the mission before David Sanders can return?

This is an interesting blend of science fiction and Christian fiction. The interconnection is brilliant and Dr. Gelber takes you on a thrilling ride into the universe and beyond.

A warm thank you to Dr. Gelber and PR by the Book for giving me the opportunity to review this book.

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  1. Thank you for taking tthe time to read my book. “Future Hope” looks at the question “Can humanity ever replace God?” The journey to the answer may surprise you. There is a sequel now available, “Joshua and Aaron ITP Book Two”.

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