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The Savage by Daniela Romero


USA Today bestselling author Daniela Romero delivers a steamy new adult romance about a fútbol bad boy and the broken girl he’s determined to love.

I wasn’t supposed to fall for him. I officially cut boys out of my life. They’re untrustworthy, vicious, and cruel. So, if you told me this past summer that PacNorth University’s notorious bad boy was going to become my dark knight, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I’m not the same reckless, carefree girl I was three months ago. That girl was naïve. That girl was stupid. That girl was destroyed. I learned my lessons the hard way. I’m still picking up the pieces of the girl I was before. And, I know better than to fall for a sinful smile on a pretty face.
So I never should have given him so much as a second glance.

Gabriel Herrera can’t be my anything. Only, he tells me I’m his everything. But putting my trust in the boy with questionable intentions is the kind of devastation I may not survive. What am I supposed to do?

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I am pleased to be a part of Grey’s Promotions’ Release Blitz for Daniela Romero’s The Savage. It’s my first novel from Ms. Romero and it is filled with anguish and hope.

Have I mentioned how much I hate having my own guardian angel?

Cecilia Russo isn’t supposed to be here. A stranger saved her from her suicide attempt and now she has to face the music. It’s not that she isn’t used to the looks and whispers. After all, the trauma she went through before her failed attempt made her realize that no one was on her side and that she was on her own. No one knows the real story of what happened to her that night in that room. Not her parents and not her therapist. Money talks and the whole incident was dismissed and here she is; back to school after months of therapy. The same looks. The same whispers. The same prick who is threatening her to keep quiet or else. Until the boy that messed with her plans to end it all decides to be her savior. She didn’t ask for any of this. She needs to find a way to cope. What she doesn’t need is a relationship.

Gabriel “Gabe” Herrera is going to solve the mystery of Cecilia Russo if it’s the last thing he does. He has faced trauma in his life as well. He couldn’t save his twin brother so he’s going to save the beautiful broken girl who has invaded his thoughts. He normally doesn’t get close with outsiders. Only his team and his familia have his loyalty, but she brings out the protector in him. He’s convinced it’s just platonic, but the longer he spends with her, the more his heart contradicts that notion.

Gabriel and Cecilia are hurting and broken. They need to face their pain before moving on, but they find solace in each other. With Gabe at her side, Cecilia is no longer looking at a future of emptiness. He gives her hope and the strength to confront her fears. The loss of Gabe’s brother has devastated his family and he’s not sure they can come back from it.  Cecilia has changed Gabe’s world by giving him the love and attention he is missing from his grieving parents. Gabe is so loving and patient with Cecilia and I respect him and his best friends Julio and Felix who are thoroughly committed to finding out and punishing the culprits who attacked Cecilia. Though Cecilia might be mad about Gabe intruding in her life, he is doing it to save her from being hurt again. Her decision, in the end, makes sense but it doesn’t make it any better to hear. Right now, she is his absolution and he is her crutch. They both love each other, but they need to work on themselves before they can be better together. The ending is unexpected and unfortunately, a cliffhanger, but I am determined to find out what happens to these two lovely people who deserve a happily ever after. 

Felix and Julio are important for Gabe’s sanity. They were the only ones there for Gabe when his brother died and they accept Cecilia into their fold with no hesitation. Gabe’s parents are unbelievable. They have chosen pills and booze to deal with Gabe’s brother’s loss which means they are not emotionally present for Gabe himself. Cecilia’s parents don’t know what happened to their daughter because she won’t tell them so they hover and push. As for the nasty asshole who instigated Cecilia’s attack and who continues to bully her, I can’t wait until he gets what he deserves.

I always enjoy love stories between two strong, yet broken people who find their way back from traumatic events in their lives, and Book 1 is a great beginning to a wonderful series. Please note that this story covers some very serious subject matter such as rape, suicide, grief, and bullying. 

Thank you to Ms. Romero for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


The Savage

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Daniela Romero

Daniela Romero is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling Mexican-American author. She writes contemporary romance as Daniela Romero and urban fantasy and paranormal romance as Danielle Annett.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she grew up surrounded with vibrant and diverse cultures that she actively weaves into her stories. Her books are known for being angsty, intense, and emotional reads, with swoon-worthy HEAs.

She graduated from Eastern Washington University and now makes her home in Spokane, WA with her husband, their three children, and three rambunctious dogs.

Follow Daniela on her website, Amazon, Bookbub, Facebook, Facebook Group, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, TikTok, Pinterest, and Newsletter.


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