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Seeing Stars by Diane Hammond

Welcome to the real world of trying to become a child star.

Ruth Rabinowitz is helping her daughter Bethany find her niche in the rigorous and volatile television and/or motion picture business in Hollywood. But is it costing her marriage and her sanity?

Mimi Rogers is a long-time, aggressive, cranky, talent agent for child, teenage, and young adult actors. Coming to Hollywood as a struggling child actor herself that did not pan out, she became a talent agent by accident and the rest is history. She swore that she would not become attached to her proteges, but there is one young actor who touches her heart like no other, but what if this one fails?

Quinn Reilly is a talented young actor at the ripe old age of 14 years old who was pretty much abandoned by his parents who are footing his bills just to keep him out of their hair and abandoned by Mimi Rogers because he made a mistake while living under her roof. Now he resides with a down and out couple who allow him to sleep on a mattress on the floor. Will Quinn succeed in the business or will he fall prey to other temptations?

Allison Addison knows she is beautiful and talented, but at what price? Mimi knows she is going to be famous, but will her personal life interfere with her dreams?

Laurel Buehl is a talented young actor who knows her mother is dying of cancer, but can’t tell anyone. Her mother loves her too much to have Laurel give up her dream. Can Laurel keep her secret from her father and her friends?

This very unique story tells of the unglamorous world of Hollywood with the hard, often disappointing setbacks of being a child actor. The characters are both vulnerable and strong. Their stories are uplifting, heartbreaking, and soul searching.

Thank you to Ms. Hammond and LibraryThing’s Early Reviewers for the opportunity to review this book.