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Aging Well by Dr. George Cromack

This is a self-help book that is “presented in an interactive format so that people can practice applying some of the tools of the manual while getting coaching.”  It basically says that your body is your temple and you should take care of it.  From exercise to nutrition to therapy to mental health.  I found many of the items and therapies explained in the book as unattainable because I live in a rural area.  However, instead of going to my chiropractor,  I did try an acupuncture massage one night for some neck pain I had been experiencing for a couple of weeks and it suddenly disappeared the next day.

The illustrations are clear and it includes websites for more information.  I do plan to take charge of my eating habits and exercise more often, but I doubt that I will be fasting or trying an ejuva and gallbladder cleanse in the near future.

Thank you to Dr. Cromack and Bostick Communications for giving me the opportunity to review this book.

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