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The Protector by David Morrell

Ex-Delta Force officer, Cavanagh is assigned to protect a seriously overweight and extremely nervous biochemist named Daniel Prescott who has invented a dangerous drug to induce fear in everyone including those trained to feel no fear.  Unfortunately, appearances can be deceptive.  Cavanagh finds himself alone and fighting for his life and trying to track down Prescott, the man he was supposed to protect, but who turned out to be more dangerous than the people who wanted Prescott dead.

If you like action and adventure, this book is for you.  I found this book to be a very good suspense thriller and it definitely kept me on pins and needles wondering if Cavanagh was going to blow off his promise to protect Prescott and just kill the bastard.

David Morrell is a Canadian novelist from Kitchener, Ontario, who has been living in the United States for a number of years. He is best known for his debut 1972 novel First Blood, which would later become a successful film franchise starring Sylvester Stallone. More recently, he has been writing the Captain America comic books limited-series The Chosen.  For more information go to the author’s page at

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