Book Review

Book review: A Modern Witch by Deborah Geary (9781937041038)

How many witches does it take to make a family?  Lauren finds out the hard way.  A successful realtor in Chicago with a knack for finding the right home for the right client, Lauren finds herself thrown into an online Witches Chat Room filled with crazy women who are convinced she is a witch.  Little does she know that these “crazy women” will send their best mind witch, Jamie, to scope out her powers.  Jamie on the other hand, meets Lauren’s best friend Nat and sees their future in full color.

This story is very clever and imaginative and I was excited to read about all the different kind of witches: mind witches, channeling witches, kitchen witches, etc.   The idea of having a Witches Chat Room is a hoot and Jamie’s family is delightful.  There are witches of all ages, shapes and sizes in the family which leads to mischief, fun and most importantly, love.

I enjoyed this book very much and recommend it to people who are tired of reading the same old witch stories and want a new experience that will enfold them into a funny and clever way of looking at witches.

Thank you to Ms. Geary and Library Thing Member Giveaways for giving me the opportunity to read this book.