Book Review, Medical, Suspense, Thriller

The First to Say No by Charles C. Anderson

“Nobody wants to make any moral judgments.  We pay for everything with no one looking at the harm we are doing.  No one is willing to admit that we can’t afford to pay for everybody’s self-destructive behavior.  Somebody must prioritize and someone must say no.  Our country is already technically bankrupt.”

Dr. Katherine (Kate) Taylor will no longer tolerate the violent acts towards her staff by the local gangs, drug addicts, and alcoholics that come into her hospital.  The hospital administrator and the hospital Board of Trustees don’t care because they have their own agenda for the hospital and the local police are corrupt and refuse to arrest and hold the criminals.  It is a revolving door of carnage and chaos.  With the help of friends and family, Dr. Taylor takes the law into her own hands, but will Detective Dave Whitt stop them before they get their revenge.

This is a medical thriller full of revenge and suspense which shows the horrors of a health care system that has gone array.  Mr. Anderson is a “38-year veteran emergency physician, critical care physician and trauma specialist who has direct multiple hospital Emergency Departments and emergency medical transport systems” so his medical prose is concise and he explains the medical terms in layman’s terms.

Thank you to Mr. Anderson for the opportunity to review his book.