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69 Million Things I Hate About You (Winning The Billionaire Book 1) by Kira Archer

Kiersten Abbott receives her new job by default.  Sexy Cole Harrington, president and founder of Harrington Enterprises, let his first assistant go because he wanted her to attend a conference on the same weekend as her wedding.  As second assistant, Kiersten’s work is cut out for her as he looks at her and says, “Let’s hope you last longer than the last three.”  Little did Kiersten know her luck would change for the good when she wins the lottery along with her friends.  Just to add some retribution for the long hours and no appreciation she receives from her new boss, she decides to make his life miserable by creating the Termination Pool at work to see how long it takes for her to get fired.

Cole Harrington is wondering what is wrong with his usually competent new assistant and learns about the office pool to see how long it will take him to fire her.  No one outsmarts the boss so he joins the pool and plays along with his “sexier than hell” assistant.

The sparks fly between Kiersten and Cole and the lengths she goes to get herself fired are hilarious and very creative.  This is a laugh-out-loud romance that is sexy and sweet.  Ms. Archer creates a new and refreshing plot that made this old romance reader long for more!

For more information about the author and her works, please visit her website at https://kiraarcherbooks.com.

Thank you to Ms. Archer, Entangled Publishing, LLC, and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book.

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