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The Mountain by Charles G. Thompson

I am a man who wants to serve others.

Charles “Chuck” Thompson had terminal brain cancer, and he had decisions to make.  He had “climbed many mountains, but this one was going to take spiritual strength to conquer”.  He was determined to keep a positive attitude and keep going by giving everyone a smile, a hug and doing everything he could to make someone’s life better including sharing this book with others.

He tells stories of his time as a Mormon bishop at the Utah State Prison by helping those in need and he talks about his battle with depression and how he developed a routine “to rise, shower, dress, eat breakfast and be grateful to be alive”.

Chuck’s book is courageous and so very heartwarming and his spiritual journey is enlightening and very inspirational for those dealing with cancer in their lives.  In fact, there are blank pages after every chapter for one to write notes.  His kindness and love reverberate from the pages delivering his message to “reach out to help others by your example and attitude”.

Chuck passed away peacefully after a two-year battle with brain cancer on July 15, 2017. My condolences to Chuck’s family.

Thank you to Chuck for sharing his journey of peace, thank you to Kathryn E. Jones at A River of Stones, and thank you to Idea Creations Press for giving me the opportunity to read this book.  More about Chuck’s book can be found on Amazon.

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