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Dating a Cougar (Never Too Late, #1) by Donna McDonald

Do you think fifty is old, Sydney?” Alexa Ranger watched her thirty-five-year-old assistant and good friend take a giant bite of his club sandwich and swing his gaze to hers in shock at the same time. Then she watched him pound his chest to keep from choking as he attempted to swallow the bite around a coughing fit.  “When it comes to age, it’s all about the quality of the preservation,” Sydney said at last, joking to give himself time to think.

Alexa Ranger, 50-year-old retired model and successful lingerie entrepreneur, is having a mid-life crisis and needs a change in her life.  The days of partying and socializing are no fun anymore, but she promised her daughter she would stop by the party to meet her fiance’s cousin, Casey.  Little did she know that her first encounter with 38-year-old, widower and wounded veteran, Casey Carter, would leave a lasting impression that would change her life forever.

I was excited to read about the topic of an older woman and a younger man which needs to be addressed more, and I enjoyed the characters with all of their flaws.  Case in point, Casey has a sweet and vulnerable side but is a bit too petty when it comes to his jealousy of Alexa.  She is a savvy businesswoman and a beautiful mature woman who knows how to socialize with everyone, including men and turns down advances out of respect for Casey, but she is a pushover when it comes to his ridiculous insecurity.  Also, Jenna, Alexa’s daughter, is a bit immature when it comes to “scolding” her mother for her past relationships when she needs to work on her own.  However, I did enjoy Alexa’s friends, Regina and Laura, and of course Alexa’s assistant Sydney.

The story is told from multiple points of view.  The sex is steamy, but not over the top and there are laugh-out-loud moments, but this contemporary romance did not meet my expectations.  A good attempt, but lacking depth and execution.


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