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Hello Doctor by Kelsie Hoss


The first time I see my high school crush since graduation, I’m a thirty-year-old woman laying on the table for a pap smear.

He’s the hot, newly single doctor who just moved back to his hometown, hoping to find some stability for his daughter. Meanwhile, I’m a hot mess, just fired from my job and ousted from company housing. I’m living in my old bedroom and trying to get my appointments in before my insurance runs out along with what little is left of my money.

That’s when Fletcher tells me we may be able to help each other out. He needs a live-in nanny for his daughter over the summer, and the last three have quit after a day.

With no other job options in my small hometown, I quickly accept.

After all, I’ve dealt with pigheaded, balding middle managers. I can handle an eight-year-old girl . . . right?

If I can’t help her and set aside my feelings for this hot single dad, I’ll need to find a new job away from my family and outside of the town I love.


Ms. Hoss has been added to my new favorite authors’ list. I forget how much I miss romances that are about the one love that was meant to be. No enemies to lovers. No love from afar. Just two people who love each other so much, but one of them just can’t get out of their own way. 

Olivia “Liv” Griffen is at a crossroads in her life. She finally quit her job at the feed store run by a misogynist pig and her efforts to find a job in her small town of Cottonwood Falls are not panning out. What can be worse than that? Having your gorgeous high school crush give you a gynecological exam. Yes, it happened. Even better. He took pity on her and gave her a job as his nanny. Fair warning, his daughter is a handful and goes through nannies like water through a strainer, but Liv is up for the challenge and shows this little tyrant the love she deserves. If only her father found Liv deserving of a relationship and more.

Doctor Fletcher Madigan is a single father starting over in his hometown of Cottonwood Falls. He knew it would be difficult, but his daughter needed the change after her mother abandoned her, and being near his family and friends was a good decision. He didn’t know what got into him when he offered Liv a job, but he knew if anyone could help his daughter it would be her. Unfortunately, having his crush near him every day is causing havoc with his peace of mind. His daughter is his priority and a relationship, especially with Liv, would be too risky. What happened when Liv wasn’t here anymore? Would Maya survive it? Would he?

My heart! I absolutely adored Liv and her extraordinary kindness and devotion to Fletcher’s daughter, Maya. Their love for each other is so sweet and natural and Liv standing up to Maya’s mother is so damned badass and so needed to help a lonely little girl connect with her parent. Liv and Fletcher are meant to be. Their chemistry is off the charts and they are so comfortable with each other.  If only Fletcher would see beyond his past and ask Liv to marry him. My heart broke for Fletcher when he revealed his PTSD from traumatic events as a resident which led to bad decisions in his past involving his ex. Hence, his promise to himself to never marry again after breaking his vows once. Fletcher is such a great man and a great dad and with Liv’s help, he will start to believe that one day. Liv is so caring and compassionate and when she had to make a choice involving her happiness or living a lie, my tears flowed. When everything seemed beyond repair, friends and family came through with sage advice and loving support. The grand gesture is both adorable and swoon-worthy which proved to me that this is one of my favorite books this year.

The fabulous family unit in this story is full of love and support. Kudos to Maya’s character who is a funny and sweet little girl giving the story so much more meaning and completion.

Pick up this moving and funny book! I laughed, I cried, and I had no doubt that love would win in the end. 

Thank you to Ms. Hoss for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Hello Doctor

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