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Hating The Sheriff: A Climax Falls Short Story by Nina Silver


It all started with a rioting citation, can you believe that?


I hate him.
As if it’s not enough that I recently returned to Climax Falls after years of avoiding my hometown. I keep running in with the local sheriff, who also happens to be my most hated enemy, my high school bully, the man who tortured me throughout my young years, and currently my neighbor. So what’s a curvy girl gonna do when her most hated enemy turns up sexier and cockier than ever and sets fire to her body? Why, she keeps calling him names!


I hate her.
As if it’s not enough that the bane of my existence, the woman who single handily made it her mission to ruin my younger years, has returned to town haunting all my usual spots. She also had to turn up smoking hot teasing me with her abundant curves – the exact ones I made fun of in high school – and her stubborn feistiness. So what’s a sheriff gonna do when his most hated enemy turns up sexy AF causing a boner harder than titanium? Why, he keeps calling her names!

When hatred burns as bright as passion, and name calling turns into hate f*cks, will two old enemies finally learn to forgive and move on?



Ace and Scarlett have had a volatile relationship since they were children. Ace did not want to be forced by his parents to be friends with the chubby and nerdy neighbor girl who made him feel inferior and Scarlett didn’t want anything to do with the arrogant and mean boy who made her feel dumpy and fat.

When Scarlett moves back to her hometown to take care of her father and run his bar, she finds that Ace, the local sheriff, is still as arrogant as she remembered, but boy is he hot. Ace can’t believe he is so attracted to his old enemy after she returns from the big city, but her lovely curves and her quick wit are something he can’t resist.

I’m a big fan of the hate/love relationship and these two really pranked each other as kids. I also found the author’s take on child and teenage angst very believable because kids and teenagers can be very cruel.  I can also attest that the witty repertoire and hot sex is delightful.

If you enjoy erotica and romantic suspense, pick up this quick read.


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Nina Silver is an up-and-coming author of erotica and steamy science-fiction romance novels.


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