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Lincoln Shaw (Heartbreakers & Heroes Book 8) by Ciana Stone


Publication Day: 12 November 2018
Publisher: Ciana Stone
ISBN: B07GQLQGMS (Kindle book)
Pages: 261
Category:  Fiction, Romance, Paranormal, Mystery, Series

Thor mowed through those rednecks like a god, even taking time to give her a wink when she yelled a warning about someone behind him.

Tallulah (Lula) Christmas Duval is a former Olympian gymnast, comic geek, stripper who has been cursed by her dead grandmother.  But that’s not all; she has a dangerous secret that has brought her to Cotton Creek, Texas.  However, when an over-zealous customer gets out of hand at the strip club, her rescuer is none other than the Asgardian God, Thor, or Lincoln Shaw to his family and friends.

Lincoln Shaw is a player who leaves broken hearts behind wherever he goes, but Lula is like no one else.  She’s beautiful, funny, outgoing and honest.  Or is she?  She’s told him about her past, but her current situation is not all that it seems to be, and why is she so interested in the high school football coach?

This is my first Ciana Stone book and even though it is book 8, it stands on its own.  However, I would like to learn more about Lincoln’s family just to get a better background on everyone.

The story is a nice romantic mystery with plenty of family relationships, ghosts, suspense, and steamy, but not erotic, scenes.  The character development is gradual and I would have liked to know a bit more about Lincoln so I will have to read the other books in the series to find out.


Lincoln Shaw

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Ciana Stone has been reading since the age of three and wrote her first story at age five. Since then she enjoyed writing as a solitary form of entertainment, before coming out of the closet to share her stories with others. She holds several post-graduate degrees and has often been referred to as a professional student. Her latest fields of interest are quantum mechanics and Taoism. When she is not writing (or studying) she enjoys painting (canvas, not walls), sculpting, running, hiking and yoga. She lives with her longtime lover in several locations in the United States.


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