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Shadow Life by Jason Mather


Will his chivalry get him and others killed?

Hans Ricker: sarcastic, stubborn, ne’er-do-well, jack of all trades, committed to causes and saves damsels in distress. Will he be able to save the people he cares about without being destroyed in the process? 

Do you have any idea how hard it is to have a sister that’s more manly than you?

Greta “Grit” Ricker: commander of the Denver Security forces, impersonal, serious, strong, precise and protector of her brother Hans.  How can she protect her brother from something she cannot control?

Whatever is in our systems is able to use our tech against us.

Onyx, AKA Illyana Petrovich, AKA Kaori Li: organized techno-crime boss, lethal weapon, ballet dancer, and will do anything to find the black sphere that cannot get into the wrong hands.  Will she find it in time?

Mr. Mather’s debut novel set in a future Denver, Colorado, drops you right into the action from the first page.  Hans lies dying after some metal object tears through his body after he attempts to deliver a package. From there you are thrown into an action-packed sci-fi thriller filled with robots, jumpcrafts, statis rooms, and creepy furniture that conforms to your body.

The characters are provocative and captivating and yes, you heard right, their names are Hans and Greta which is just some of the fun wordplay in the book.  My favorite character is Hans and Greta’s mother, Pat.  She is one bad-ass, no-nonsense woman who can hold her own with a rifle.  She seems hard on her kids, but she shows them love in her own way.

If you like sci-fi, techno-crime filled novels with lots of action, give this one a try.  Highly recommend.

Thank you to Mr. Mather, EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing and LibraryThing Early Reviewers for giving me the opportunity to review this book.

This book was provided for a book review with no expectation of a positive review given.  


Shadow Life



Jason Mather is a resident of Greeley, Colorado, and a graduate of University of Northern Colorado, where he majored in music. He is a free-lance musician and full-time kennel worker. He lives with his wife Heather, his daughter Hannah, Granny Frieda and his six dogs: Gizmo, Kaori, Ellie Mae, Daisy Belle, Bailey and Brodie.


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