Shadow Life by Jason Mather @ShadowlifeJM @EDGEpublishing #bookreview #scifi #ArtificialIntelligence


Will his chivalry get him and others killed?

Hans Ricker: sarcastic, stubborn, ne’er-do-well, jack of all trades, committed to causes and saves damsels in distress. Will he be able to save the people he cares about without being destroyed in the process? 

Do you have any idea how hard it is to have a sister that’s more manly than you?

Greta “Grit” Ricker: commander of the Denver Security forces, impersonal, serious, strong, precise and protector of her brother Hans.  How can she protect her brother from something she cannot control?

Whatever is in our systems is able to use our tech against us.

Onyx, AKA Illyana Petrovich, AKA Kaori Li: organized techno-crime boss, lethal weapon, ballet dancer, and will do anything to find the black sphere that cannot get into the wrong hands.  Will she find it in time? Continue reading “Shadow Life by Jason Mather @ShadowlifeJM @EDGEpublishing #bookreview #scifi #ArtificialIntelligence”