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Girl Desecrated (The Fergus She Vampire Book Series 1) by Cheryl R. Cowtan


The She is going to the Jamestown colony because she has been driven out of Eastern Europe and needs to continue her line.

Unlike the others, She was not choosing a husband. She already had one. She was choosing a male specimen intellectually and physically worthy to plant his seed in her belly. This was how she would survive on this northern continent. She needed to continue her line of daughters (two-legged walkers, vessels to house her eternal light). Through their lives, She would attain her immortality. But first, She must find a worthy man.

Rachel has endured abuse and horrible nightmares all of her life. She has been fighting hard to reach 18 years old in one piece, but what destiny has in store for her may break her yet.

My eighteenth was a life marker for failure. I was single, still had not found a way to get to college, and I did not have the kind of friends who throw birthday parties. My dead-beat dad was perpetually absent, and my mother was locked up for life in the local loony bin.

Her extremely religious and paranoid mother is in an asylum because of Rachel’s bloodthirsty alternate personality, Scarlett (The She), and her psychiatrist and friends aren’t the people they seem to be. So when Rachel meets Angus, a hot Scottish Highlander, she hopes to change her luck, but Angus has a 350-year duty to his clan which does not take Rachel’s feelings into consideration. I chose this book because of the great reviews and an extremely interesting plot. 

I’ve read my share of vampire novels from Dracula to Interview with a Vampire, but this award-winning novel is mind-blowing.  Cowtan’s remarkable prose takes us from the beautiful colonial Jamestown where The She begins her torment in Canada as a mail-order bride to rough and raw 1984 Canada where Rachel struggles to survive.

Rachel is a compelling character with her vulnerabilities, dealing with her “crazy”, her snarky comments, and her strength in adversity.   The sizzling sexual tension between Angus and Rachel was well written and believable and the end surprised me.

I look forward to continuing this series to find out how Rachel and The She fight it out for who will take over her body and soul.  I highly recommend this fantastic dark gothic fantasy with vampires and sexy Scotsmen.

Thank you to Ms. Cowtan and Book Hub for giving me the opportunity to review this book with no expectation of a positive review given.


Girl Desecrated



Cheryl R Cowtan is an award-winning educator and fantasy author who loves to write on the wild side, digging deep into those unspoken secrets of society’s seedier sins.

Cheryl R. CowtanIf you love suspenseful, edgy fantasy that digs up the unspeakable, then Cowtan is the author for you. Her novels won’t leave you morose, but they will make you think about a lot of things, things better left buried… forgotten.

Did you know some people strip the flesh from Brownie bones and use them to tell the future? Did you know there are descendants of the Salem witches still practicing dark vengeance? Did you know…

Well, maybe you should just go find out for yourself.


Warning, though… once you start reading her books, you might not be able to stop.