Unlikely Friends
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Unlikely Friends by Sahar Abdulaziz

Unlikely Friends Book Blitz

Title: Unlikely Friends
Author: Sahar Abdulaziz
Genre: Contemporary Fiction/ Humor/ Satire
Release Date: February 19, 2019
Cover Designer: Patrick Knowles (Patrick Knowles Design)
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Irwin is not only the local Librarian; he’s also a book snob and an all-around grouch. There’s nothing he values more than his privacy. As a loner, he’s happy to be surrounded by books instead of subjected to the incessant blatherings of dysfunctional people.

The one thing Irwin despises more than people is change. He’s content in his predictable, routine existence…until a young girl barrels her way into his dreary life and turns it upside down.

Harper is witty, smart, free-spirited—but most of all, stubborn. Baffled by her need to gain his friendship, Irwin does his best to brush her off, but Harper refuses to budge. In fact, it only makes her latch onto him even more. Friendship, after all, can be found in the most unusual places.


Each evening the girl selected a different book to place on the side table next to her chair, evidently left for him to find. Tucked inside he’d find an insufferable message, penned in chicken scratch on bright yellow sticky notepaper. The first one read, ‘It wouldn’t kill you to smile more.’ The second, ‘I heard somebody call you ‘Irwin.’ Please help me sleep at night—tell me that’s not your real name.’

I really enjoyed the friendship between Irwin and Harper.  Loneliness and heartbreak do not have an age limit and the author does a great job of drawing the reader into their lives. All the characters are imperfect, but willing to improve their situations and make their lives better. 

Harper recognized a lie when she heard it, especially since she frequently told the same one many times, but living poor did that. It made you fib to save face, pretending indifference when hungry or cold.

This fast-paced, character-driven story set in the Poconos is told in several voices which actually adds perspective for the reader on how the characters tick.  The plot is original and hard to put down.

The themes include family dynamics, friendship, dealing with grief, compassion, courage, determination, and overcoming obstacles. Triggers include drug abuse.

I highly recommend this book and hope to read more books by Ms. Abdulaziz.



“Abdulaziz is a master at crafting a thriller that is paced by truth.”

Sahar Abdulaziz has authored seven books: But You LOOK Just Fine [Health/non-fiction], As One Door Closes [Contemporary Fiction], The Broken Half [Contemporary Fiction], Secrets That Find Us [Fiction/Thriller/Suspense], Tight Rope [Thriller/Political Fiction], Expendable [Psychological suspense] and her children’s book, The Dino Flu. Her next literary fiction novel, Unlikely Friends, is due for release Feb 19, 2019. Abdulaziz’s work covers a wide range of hard-hitting topics: mood disorders [depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, PPD], domestic violence and sexual assault, marital and family dysfunction, racism, sexism, and prejudice, but most of all–survivorship. Her multidimensional characters have been described as having “substance and soul.”

Originally from New York, Sahar moved to Pennsylvania in 1993 with her growing family. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Master of Science degree in Health and Wellness Promotion and Administration, as well as a certification in Community Health Administration. In 1995, she received a Certificate in Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Crisis Intervention Counseling, and shortly after, as a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Counselor/Advocate. She volunteered for many years as a hotline worker and counselor/advocate. In 2016, Abdulaziz received an award for Community Written Expression at the Second Annual Monroe County Image Awards and in 2018, nominated for the Rabata, ‘We Are Aisha’ Award in the category Writer/Author. Most recently, she has guest co-hosted for Sistah Chat Radio, WESS 90.3 FM, Gynesis Radio, and is a member of the Pocono Liar’s Writer’s Club. Rep’d by Djarabi Kitabs Publishing and Limitless Publishing.

Sahar can be reached on Facebook, Goodreads, Instagram, Newsletter, Pinterest, Twitter and on her website.

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