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Desolate Paths by Erin Unger


He knew how to make her happy. And she’d make him happy one day too … or else.

A serial killer is on the loose at a rehab center and Brooke is the next victim.

Brooke Hollen is in rehab again. Her drinking almost got someone killed and she is determined to get the help she needs, but she isn’t expecting this unusual place. It is the Carrick Living Museum and Rehabilitation Center based in a Colonial village where patients dress and play the part of Colonial settlers for tourists.

The rules are strict with curfews, no fraternization and working hard from the crack of dawn until the day is done. With her roommate and friend Willa to keep her in line, Brooke tries not to break too many rules, but the tall handsome, Kyle, is hard to resist.


Dad always said the church would collapse if a Hollen stepped foot inside, but there I stood and looked up to the rough-hewn rafters. Everything remained in place.

The premise of using a Colonial village as a rehab facility is genius. I can see how the hard work and no-nonsense way of life with some divine intervention would work for those who had never experienced kindness and self-discipline in their lives.

The characters are interesting and Unger does a good job of digging into the protagonist’s and antagonist’s thoughts. Willa is my favorite character with her forthrightness and reluctance to admit she cares for Brooke as a friend and not just a roommate.

The Christian romance theme with a serial killer twist is a new one for me, and if you had asked me earlier, I would not have thought it would have worked. However, Ms. Unger writes the book in Brooke’s point of view and the killer’s point of view which moves the story along at a quick pace.

This was indeed an unusual storyline that pleasantly surprised this seasoned reader. Give it a try!

Thank you to Ms. Unger and for giving me the opportunity to review this book with no expectations of a positive review given.



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Erin UngerI was raised in the hills of Virginia, exploring abandoned houses and running for dear life from the cows that grazed in the fields surrounding my home. There were friends in abundance who goaded me into truth or dare many a time. I learned to imagine the best and worst of life in those years. That imagination grew as I became a voracious reader of Nancy Drew and later Mary Higgins Clarke.

After marrying so young it would make a great romance novel but too young for real life, I have enjoyed an exciting life with my hubby and best friend. We have five mostly children who are almost too old to believe and a couple of grandkids.

Art has been a great hobby for me over the years. I love to leave the world behind for a few hours to paint with acrylics and have been commissioned by two camps to do murals. My true love is portraiture painting.

It took years for me to discover that one of the gifts God gave me was writing. But once I knew what I was meant to do, I worked hard to become a writer. I’m an active member of ACFW and regularly attends, writing workshops and conferences. I am an avid reader of books on writing and make it a priority as I continue to write. It’s not unusual for me to travel all over Virginia to participate in writers groups, for I’m truly a people person who wants to encourage other writers on their journey.

You can find Ms. Unger on her website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.