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Where I End and You Begin by Preston S. Norton


Ezra Slevin is an anxious, neurotic insomniac who spends his nights questioning his place in the universe and his days obsessing over Imogen, a nerdy girl with gigantic eyebrows and a heart of gold. 

For weeks, Ezra has been working up the courage to invite Imogen to prom. The only problem is Imogen’s protective best friend, Wynonna Jones. Wynonna has blue hair, jams to ’80s rock, and has made a career out of tormenting Ezra for as long as he can remember. 

Then, on the night of a total solar eclipse, something strange happens to Ezra and Wynonna–and they wake up in each other’s bodies. Not only that, they begin randomly swapping back and forth every day! Ezra soon discovers Wynonna’s huge crush on his best friend, Holden, a five-foot-nothing girl magnet with anger management problems. With no end to their curse in sight, Ezra makes Wynonna a proposition: While swapping bodies, he will help her win Holden’s heart?but only if she helps him woo Imogen. 

Forming an uneasy alliance, Ezra and Wynonna embark on a collision course of mistaken identity, hurt feelings, embarrassing bodily functions, and a positively byzantine production of Twelfth Night. Ezra wishes he could be more like Wynonna’s badass version of Ezra–but he also realizes he feels more like himself while being Wynonna than he has in a long time.


My obsession for Imogen ran deep. It all started in elementary school during our fourth-grade production of Romeo and Juliet. Nine-year-old me was convinced. If I just nailed this performance, Imogen and I would be together. I know, right? Whatever that’s supposed to mean to a fourth grader. Jesus. Naturally, I botched it all up.

Ezra forgot his lines by having an out-of-body experience like he was watching from the audience. Seven years later he is still obsessed with Imogen and wants to ask her to the prom with the help of his best friend Holden. However, there is one problem. Imogen’s best friend Wynonna.

Ezra and Wynonna are caught in a Freaky Friday kind of situation where they start swapping bodies meaning Ezra sees everything through Wynonna’s body and vice versa. It’s an entertaining look at a teenage girl experiencing morning wood and a teenage boy experiencing a girl’s period. The reason for the body swapping is an original and unique plot twist.

The characters are likable and entertaining and I laughed out loud at some of the predicaments Ezra and Wynonna get into. There are a lot of serious side stories going on in this novel which include family relationships, bullying, and most importantly, finding one’s identity.

An enjoyable and intriguing look at coming of age from a different perspective. A book young adults can relate to.

Thank you to Mr. Norton, Disney Book Group and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book with no expectations of a positive review given.


Where I End & You Begin

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