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Office Preserves (Preserve Series Book 1) by Galen Surlak-Ramsey



Some people fight for a new job. 

On his first day, Toby can’t wait to lose his. 

Without a doubt, Preser Tech is the most bizarre office he’s ever been in. The employees wear tattered clothes. Receptionists answer pretend phones, and the CEO wants everyone working for the rest of their lives. 


When Toby tries to leave and security threatens his life, he realizes he’s in trouble. Sadly, only a deranged secretary with a fetish for poisoning coworkers is willing to help. Now Toby must pry her secrets while avoiding being her next victim if he’s going to get home alive. What happens as the day wears on is hilariously disturbing and completely out of this world. 


This is an unusual, tongue-in-cheek, debut science fiction novella about the joy of hunting prey.  Unfortunately, the prey in this instance is human.

Toby turns and finds himself face-to-face with a thing that looks like a hideous mix of snake, man, and spider. The creature supports itself on a serpentine tail, while a second tail, complete with a four-fingered hand at its end, floats lazily behind. Leathery, grey skin covers its torso and reflects the light, making it look slick. A pair of slender arms hangs from its side, but they have enough muscle definition to hint at some strength. Atop its body sits an elongated head covered in short, spiked hairs. Eight beady, black eyes stare deeply into Toby’s soul, and a pair of fangs covers the creature’s mouth.

Toby wakes up in another realm where office workers are plied with sweets by giant spiders and snake-like aliens to make them complacent and amenable throughout the day, but especially during the hunting season. With the help of Clarice, a human who has been in the environment for a while, they create a plan to escape.

The description of the hunt is done cleverly within an office environment. It reads like a testament against corporate life in the current century where people work day and night as cogs on a wheel abandoning their family and personal life for a chance to climb the corporate ladder.  In this case, the humans are hunted for a season to weed out the weak ones and promote the better ones… if they survive.

A quick, thrilling, horror-filled start to a great series.

Thank you to Mr. Surlak-Ramsey, Tiny Fox Press, and LibraryThing for giving me the opportunity to review this book with no expectations of a positive review given.


Office Preserves

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