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Anything for Love by Gracie Bond

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Leah Jensen, Yorkshire lass born and bred, needs money and she’ll do anything – yes, anything – to get it. Her Grandad Thomas is in pain and the cost of an operation on his bad knee is way beyond the family’s means. Leah tries everything to earn the fee – but in the end, and like so many before her, she turns to the world’s oldest profession.

Madam Butterfly’s exclusive escort agency in London is a different world to where Leah comes from. In Whitby, the sea air is sweet, and legends of Dracula jostle with jet-mining and whaling history; it’s a place where dog lovers meet and tourists come to marvel at the views.

Leah may be out of her comfort zone, but one daring, brief encounter will bring many surprises in this memorable romantic comedy full of pithy Yorkshire humour.


This is a laugh-out-loud romantic comedy that had me chuckling and guffawing at the characters’ hilarious antics.

Just then, before he had time to react, there was a muffled sound as something akin to a dark angel hurtled down past his balcony – attached to a bungee rope. The apparition disappeared, followed by a scream as it bounced back up towards him, returned to the roof and then boinged back down. Dan ducked just in time as on its return journey the figure made a desperate attempt to clutch at his balcony railings. It missed, and went whizzing upwards again. Just as Dan was thinking should he call Security – Smack! – he was knocked clean off his feet as the flying intruder landed heavily on top of him, sending his condom packets flying in all directions.

Leah would do anything to pay for life-saving surgery for her Grandad Thomas. Anything…window washing, mucking horse stalls, wing-walking, dog-walking, water-skiing, and bungee jumping off a roof into a hotel room for a one-night hookup with a stranger. Little did she know that a one-night stand would change her life forever.

Dan Ryan, a workaholic executive who didn’t have time for relationships told his bodyguard he wanted a hooker to fall out of the sky and his wish was granted. Literally. After giving her a big tip for that one night, he never thought he would see her again, but fate has a way of intervening in people’s lives.

The characters are realistic and full of surprises.  I adore Leah’s unfailing love of her family, home and career, Joey’s flamboyant and sordid wit, and Ruby and Sophie’s sly plan to find happiness for Dan.  However, Dan’s blind faith in his personal assistant, Chelsea, really ticked me off, and Chelsea is a dangerous bitch and sore loser who needs psychological help. Dan eventually comes around, but at the price of hurting people he loved.

I loved this book. It’s fast-paced, intriguing and an overall comfy read. If you enjoy reading about quirky characters and beautiful locations in England, please give this one a read.

Thank you to Ms. Bond for the opportunity to review this book with no expectation of a positive review. 


Anything for Love

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Gracie BondGracie Bond loves a good romantic comedy, either to read or to watch on Netflix. Her favourite go-to novel is (Pride and Prejudice)- and she’s always happy to watch (Bridgett Jones) any time of the day. Among Gracie’s interests are Newfoundland dogs, horses, and handsome Yorkshire men. Her idea of fun would be to ride a spirited horse along a Northumberland beach, followed by a pack of her favourite dogs.

Gracie lives in Yorkshire with her partner John and she has close connections with Whitby, the setting for this novel.

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