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Justice for Daesha (Bluegrass Bravery #4) by Deanndra Hall

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He’s always dated the “perfect” girls. He’s never met a girl as perfect as her before.

“Hear her story,” his younger brother, Jack, says. Amos doesn’t want to, especially when he discovers the tall, beautiful physical therapist was a wartime amputee. That was before the Kentucky Department of Criminal Investigations agent hears about her sister’s unsolved murder. When Amos agrees to go over the files, Daesha Wilkerson is thrilled. Maybe she’ll finally get the justice her sister deserves.

That fresh look brings a new clue and a new piece of evidence, thanks to San Antonio FBI Agent Cruz Livingston. Everything points to three brothers and their politician father. What Amos suspects is outlandish. Perverted. Unlikely. And would explain everything, including why their father would want Dorinda Wilkerson Blackmon dead. When Amos starts getting too close, the threats begin. It’s easy to protect her from the warm spot next to her in bed, but they can’t stay there all the time, and all it takes is one instant with his back turned for her to disappear.

He was crazy for her body, but she stole his heart, in the sack and out. Secrets, love, business, politics, and erotic pleasures collide in Bluegrass Bravery: Justice for Daesha. It’s up to Amos to find her. He has to. She’s perfect for him.

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To me, a good book needs to produce strong emotions and Justice for Daesha did just that and more.

Girls who weren’t perfect weren’t usually his “thing”. He’d always been the best-looking guy in the room, the one all the women wanted, and he’d always had his picking choice.

At first glance, Ms. Daesha Wilkerson did not meet any of the criteria Agent Amos Fletcher wanted in a woman, but when he discovers her love of animals, people, and music while recovering as a war veteran and amputee, he decides to make it his life’s mention to make this warrior princess his own. 

This is my second book in Ms. Hall’s Bluegrass Bravery series and as before, I love the depth of her characters and how they grow as people. Daesha lets her amputated leg define her as a woman, but the way Amos shows her she is so much more is so sweet and endearing. Amos seemed shallow at first, but when he shows her how much he respects and admires Daesha’s bravery and kindness, he becomes my favorite “knight in shining armor.”

Also, how can one resist Daesha’s delightful “little handicapped menagerie” of animals including Ivory, the blind horse, Felix, the earless (yes, earless) donkey, and Azalea, the charred goat? In my opinion, a wonderful addition to the cast of characters.

Let’s not forget the unsolved murder of Daesha’s sister which Amos agreed to investigate. As in the previous book I read by Ms. Hall, this murder was also loosely based on an unsolved case in Kentucky. The mystery had me tied up in knots trying to figure out who killed Dorinda and the finale had me sobbing and gasping for breath.

This great read made me laugh, cry, grit my teeth, fall in love, and want desperately to hear Daesha sing in her band, Limestone Legends.  Recommend highly!

Thank you again to Ms. Hall for giving me the opportunity to review this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Justice for Daesha

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Deanndra HallDeanndra Hall is a working writer living in far western Kentucky. A free spirit and chronic jokester, she and her partner of over 30 years enjoy visiting their two adult children and their partners and playing with their three crazy little dogs. When she’s not writing, Deanndra can be found kayaking, working out at the gym, cooking something healthy, or reading. After writing for business, industry, academia, and non-profits for years and having her work credited to others, she jumped into the fiction realm, particularly erotic fiction and erotica, and had so much fun she never looked back. Look for her on Twitter and Facebook and on her website and blog.

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