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The Wicked Lord’s Mistress (The Lord’s Seduction Book #2) by Scarlett Jameson



The Wicked Lord’s Mistress is set in the late Victorian period (1886) for fans of upstairs/downstairs dramas such as Downton Abbey and steamy romances. It explores the continuing love story between Lily, a lady’s maid at Torrington Hall, and a handsome, mysterious aristocratic hero called Lord Edgar Wilson.

Lily is surrounded by challenges from all sides. She is being blackmailed by the evil Mallkins, she has a secret past that she is trying to hide, and her forbidden love affair with Lord Wilson grows more risky every day. Can their lusty affair transform into the tender and lasting love that Lily craves? And given the differences in their class, is a happy ending possible for them?

Then a new enemy comes into Lily’s life, someone who is determined to destroy her. Lily finds herself facing the greatest challenge of her life, and hopes that Lord Wilson will be her hero.


The Wicked Lord’s Mistress is the second book in The Lord’s Seduction series (and my introduction) which continues the dalliance between a lady’s maid and a Lord.  Unfailingly, the maid, Lily, has expressed her love for Lord Edgar Wilson, but sticking to the higher station of the gentry he doesn’t reciprocate the sentiment because it is just not done. 

In the meantime, Mallkins, a manipulative heretic from the maid’s past who holds a damning secret over her, forces the maid to strip at a gentleman’s club which infuriates Edgar who is planning to propose to Lily’s employer, Lady Katherine. 

When her employer’s brooch goes missing and a large amount of money is discovered in Lily’s possession, she is sentenced to 6 months of hard labor. Will Edgar believe her innocence and help her?

I find Lily to be extremely naive and too forgiving when it comes to Edgar and I don’t believe she grows through the story. Edgar, on the other hand, finally realizes his feelings for Lily (almost too late, I might add), but I don’t think he deserves such devotion from her. He is a completely arrogant cad at the beginning and no amount of groveling, later on, redeems him in my eyes. As I have said in the past if I have strong feelings toward a character one way or another, it attests to how well the author has manipulated my feelings and Ms. Jameson has done that with this story.

If you enjoy historical romances that have unworldly and trusting heroines and brash and arrogant heroes give this story a try.

Thank you to Ms. Jameson for giving me the opportunity to review this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Wicked Lords Mistress September 2019

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Scarlett Jameson works in publishing by day and by night enjoys writing steamy historical romances. A lover of all things Victorian, she lives in London with her cat.  Subscribe to Scarlett’s newsletter.

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