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The Louise Fawley Symphony by Rikki Evans

The Louise Fawley Symphony


Meet Louise Fawley – the newest, sassiest and sleaziest agent in Her Majesty’s Secret Service. 

Follow Louise as she burgles and bungles at Melusine Plastics, gets flirtatious and salacious in Vetchley Castle, grows amorous and glamorous in Sainte-Modeste, and finally, hooks and sinks her villainess on the superyacht Bonquonne.

In this delicious, light-hearted, randy romp, can Louise solve the arcane mystery of La Ligne? 

The Louise Fawley Symphony contains material of a sexually explicit nature, so will not be to the taste of every adult reader.


The blurb of this book tickled my fancy and it didn’t disappoint. The Louise Fawley Symphony is an unusual and fun adventure about a bored lottery winner who decides to break into her boss’s office to steal his coffee mug and ends up getting caught by the secret service and forced to work as a spy for MI69.

Louise Fawley was the girl kids made fun of in school. Nicknames such as Flat Fawley, Poorly Fawley, Crawly Fawley, and Mousey Fawley. She was the girl no boys wanted until she had money. Now her antics as a spy for MI69 keep getting her in trouble because let’s face it, she isn’t trained to be undercover…or is she?

The plot is unique with plenty of humorous and sexy scenes. If you are ready for the quirky and sleazy Louise Fawley, give this book a try.

Thank you to Rikki Evans for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


The Louise Fawley Symphony Final Cover Proof

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After more than twenty-five years in accountancy, Rikki quit the profession to care for a parent whose health had deteriorated, and to give more time to those interests and hobbies which had helped render accountancy almost bearable.

Rikki’s interests include all things historical, from castles to candlesticks, music of many genres, from Gregorian Chant to Brit Pop, and above all, like HE Bates, is happiest when working and whiling in a garden.

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