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Beast by J.A. Wynters

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Falling out of a window didn’t hurt as much as falling for her.

Tove Savage.

When the most beautiful girl in the world treats you like her dirty little secret, you’re reminded that beasts are meant to live in the dark.

Tove used me to get back at her boyfriend, breaking something inside that left a scar far deeper and uglier than the one marring my face.

Three years later Tove arrives at my hospital broken and without her memories.
So, what am I meant to do? Try to forget how much I love her or exact my revenge?

BEAST is a twisted Beauty and the Beast retelling.

Beauty is more than skin deep.

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Who is Beauty?  Who is the Beast? A broken man. A broken woman. A painful and unforgiving past…and a love that knows no bounds.

Adrian and Tove first see each other during a freakish and horrible accident and their future is sealed with a connection that surpasses time. When she hurts him for the last time, he vows to rip her heart apart and leave it to bleed. But, she needs his help now and his heart is not cooperating.

I adore Adrian and his scarred and vulnerable state truly believing he is the beauty in this story.  As for Tove, she is a Beast, among other names, with a capital B, who is positively ugly inside and out. She doesn’t deserve Adrian’s kindness and devotion because I don’t believe she is capable of it herself.  

With that being said, this is a dark and emotional romance that rips out your heart and not so gently places it back for a HEA.  It’s a sign of a good writer who can invoke so much hatred and love for characters and Ms. Wynters does that with Beast. Whether you believe there should have been a HEA or not, it’s an interesting take on the fairy tale.

Thank you to Ms. Wynters for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.

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J.A. WynterJane Wynters doesn’t quite know how to answer the question of “where are you from?” She’s moved from place to place like a snowflake on the wind always searching for a safe place to land. She loves meeting new people and exploring new places. She loves reading, writing and conjuring new worlds from her imagination.

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