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Saint Justice (A Christopher Wren Thriller #1) by Mike Grist


Hundreds of human cages hidden in the desert. One man with nothing to lose.

Christopher Wren pulls off I-70 after three weeks on the road and walks into a biker bar in Price, Utah. An arbitrary decision he’s about to regret.

The bikers attack Wren, leave him for dead and steal his truck.

Now he’s going to get it back.

From a secure warehouse in the desert. Ringed with fences. Filled with human cages.

As Wren digs deeper, a dark national conspiracy unravels and the body count mounts, but one thing is for sure.

They picked the wrong guy to teach a lesson.


What kind of mind comes up with this shit? It’s warped, it’s genius, it’s my favorite book of the year!  

Ex CIA operative Christopher Wren is a game-changer when it comes to undercover work. He has created a fascinating cult-like system called The Foundation that is filled with questionable cons he has forced into “responsibility and belonging”. A dark savior of the lost and downtrodden, if you please.  He’s now on the run and he’s wrestling with the fog that’s threatening to overpower him. Will he survive or succumb to the inevitable?

I’m blown away by Grist’s powerful prose describing the most horrid part of human behavior and how he has created a character just as desolate who believes people can change albeit with some unorthodox persuasion.

Wren is a superb antihero. His tragic past is heartbreaking and has made him who he is.  Good or bad. Right or wrong. As for his “cult of cons” Foundation characters, they are a complex and strange bunch of misfits and freaks that give an added je ne sais quoi to the whole “what just happened?” vibe of the book.  Also, let me add here that the action scenes alone are freakin’ awesome!  

Wow!!! This is a brilliant and gripping dark bombshell of a thriller from start to finish. I guarantee you will read it in one sitting.  And wait…it’s a series.  Even better!!!  If you are a fan of fast-paced, action thrillers, with damaged characters and scenes that could be ripped from the headlines, give this book a try! 

TRIGGER WARNING: The author covers very serious and disturbing subject matter including human trafficking, white supremacy, and cults. 

Thank you to Mr. Grist for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Saint Justice

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Mike GristMike Grist is the British/American author of the Christopher Wren thriller series. For 11 years Mike lived in Tokyo, Japan, exploring and photographing the dark side of the city and the country: gangs, cults and abandonedplaces. Now he writes from London, UK, about rogue DELTA operator Christopher Wren – an anti-hero vigilante who uses his off-book team of ex-cons to bring brutal payback for dark crimes.

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