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Overland by Ramcy Diek



Skyla Overland is proud to work for Overland Insurance, the company founded by her grandfather. She enjoys sharing an apartment with her best friend, Pauline, and is in love with Edmond. Besides one nerve-wracking insurance fraud case in the past, her sheltered life is uneventful and just the way she likes it.

Until one day, everything changes…

Skyla and Troy, the manager at Overland Insurance, are the last ones to leave the office. In the empty parking lot, Troy takes her in his arms. Why would he ruin their easy-going friendship by kissing her, especially since he knows she’s dating Edmond?

Left alone, Skyla hurries to her car, puts on her seatbelt, and glances in her rearview mirror.

The face of a stranger grins at her from the backseat. “How nice to see you again,” he hisses close to her ear.

Regaining consciousness, Skyla finds herself on the backseat of her own car, with her hands tied behind her back.

Is she getting kidnapped? Who is he? And where is he taking her?

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In this chilling story, Skyla is a strong and resilient woman who is abducted and learns to survive in a shack in the Pacific Northwest with three helpless young children and a filthy scumbag determined to keep her as his own. 

With little help from the police at first, Skyla’s father Harold hires the feisty and very thorough PI Kim Lowe. When PI Lowe proves her worth by finding possible clues, the police start to work with her and the hunt begins. Unfortunately, Skyla’s nightmare lasts for months and as she takes a final stand to get away with the children, it’s a harrowing trek through the mountains to find safety from a man who has lost his mind and is coming to kill her.

In addition, to the suspense theme, there is an unrequited romantic interest from Skyla’s friend and work colleague, Troy Summerton.  Troy’s desperation to get her back safely is more evident than Skyla’s boyfriend, Edmond’s lack of effort, and who couldn’t be bothered with it all. In fact, Troy is who Skyla thinks about during her terrifying ordeal when she is at her lowest. Overall, there is a good outcome for the key characters.

I recommend this gripping page-turner which describes well the struggle for survival and the search to find the victim. Please be aware there are triggers such as sexual abuse and neglect.


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Ramcy DiekA long time ago, I fell in love with the United States while traveling around in an Oldsmobile station-wagon with my husband. We are both born and raised in the Netherlands.

Together, we eventually found our way to the Pacific Northwest, built up a business, and raised our two boys into amazing young adults with their own careers. During this time, I also made a slow transition from reader to writer of many different stories.

My multiple award winning debut novel “Storm at Keizer Manor” sets the bar high for my second novel, Eagles in Flight.
All my books are stand alone novels in different genres. You might be in for a surprise, or a disappointment.

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