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Let Me Love You (Jeremy Lewis, #2) by Lasairiona McMaster

Let Me Love You


Jilted by the only woman he’s ever loved, Jeremy Lewis is a man on a mission to be a renowned player – both on and off the ice. Who needs monogamy anyway?

But when he falls during a game, Jeremy finds himself laid-up with a potentially career-ending injury and his support network, suddenly gone. His best friend, AJ, is busy in a new relationship, his teammates are pursuing their own dreams of hockey stardom, and Jeremy is left frustrated, broken and alone.

Will their friendship survive AJ’s new relationship? Are Jeremy’s feelings for Chelsea truly a thing of the past? And can he persevere through his recovery to get back on the ice?


When I pick up a Lasairiona McMaster book, I can’t help but read it in one sitting. Her characters are genuine, engaging, and addictive. This book picks up where Four Letter Feelings left off, but it can be read on its own. However, I suggest you read Jeremy’s story in order. In fact, to really delve into the whole reading experience, starting with Lisa and AJ’s stories will really open up a whole new obsession with McMaster’s books (see my Review Directory by Author under McMaster).

Between Jeremy losing his parents in a horrible mass murder, dealing with a life-changing injury, and being in love with a woman who doesn’t feel the same, his life hasn’t been easy lately. But he’s taking it one day at a time and things are looking up. He’s looking at his life without hockey, he’s taking it slowly with Chelsea (he’s a goner), and his counseling sessions with Sheila are helping him cope with the loss of his parents.  He is also surrounded by wonderful friends like his bromance hockey player best friend A.J. and his lovely family as well as Jer’s hockey buddies. I mean, who wouldn’t love Jer? He’s charming, handsome, and a loyal friend. Not to mention that man can cooookkk!!!

First of all, I’d like to praise the author’s play-by-play of hockey in action. As one who knows very little about the game, Ms. McMaster throws you right into the exciting thick of it.  She certainly knows how to write exceptional and captivating dialogue that makes me laugh out loud. A couple of my favorite funny scenes are the Target incident with Chelsea and the awkward parade of his ex-friends-with-benefits and Jeremy’s hilarious misunderstanding of water sports and kinky sex.

I recommend this heartwarming story of one of my favorite characters of all time, Jeremy Lewis. His stubbornness of facing everything alone wrenches my heart as he tries to hide his despair and loss. He’s cocky! He’s a romantic! He’s a keeper!

Thank you to Ms. McMaster for giving me the opportunity once again to read her book without expectation of a positive review.



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Lasairiona McMasterLasairiona McMaster writes sassy, classy and badassy women and strong, yet vulnerable men. She challenges reader’s expectations by openly dealing with mental health issues, often exploring tough-to-handle topics and ‘taboos’ and books with a whole lotta heart.

She can either be found enjoying a gin and lemonade by the Irish sea, or baking sweet treats in her kitchen while singing at the top of her lungs. When she’s ‘home’ in Texas, and isn’t eating fresh-popped popcorn while buying things she has absolutely no need for in Target, she can be found at Chuys eating her body weight in chips and queso and washing it down with a margarita swirl. She loves to make friends out of strangers.

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