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Unlikely Reunion (Improbable Bonds #1) by Lily Michaels


Erik’s adolescent crush becomes a very adult relationship at his high school reunion.

Seeing his former bullies starstruck is definitely on Erik Stevens’ agenda for his high school reunion. Hooking up with someone is not. He has resolved to end the meaningless sex that has dotted his life, even though it fed his need to dominate. Now he is looking for a man—a submissive—for a relationship that will last forever.

But Erik hasn’t counted on Kyle.

For ten years, Kyle Lincke has cursed his repressed sexuality that, in high school, kept him from acting on his crush…Erik. As soon as he receives Erik’s RSVPed ‘yes’ to the reunion, Kyle begins working up the courage to finally act on his desires, difficult for him to do following a disastrous break-up.

But six weeks of exploration into BDSM and small steps toward a deeper relationship are thrown into jeopardy when Erik’s fame threatens their bond—and Kyle’s fragile psyche.


A ten-year high school reunion. The boy crush between a bullied gay theatre nerd now a famous celebrity and the charismatic class president now a construction business owner. Will opposites attract or will their differences be too great?

Erik Stevens has made a transformation from the acne covered awkward gay boy into a put-together golden boy movie star. He debated whether to come back to the reunion, but then he meets the kind and gorgeous Kyle Lincke who literally saved him from a severe beating in high school. Kyle was his boyhood hot fantasy lover and now real life mountain man who happens to be his biggest fan and gives Erik a lip lock right out of the gate.  Who knew?

Kyle Lincke always admired Erik’s courage about his identity and talent as an actor in high school. In fact, it was Erik’s conviction that Kyle thought of when he came out to his family and friends after high school. However, Kyle’s personal relationships, especially with his latest, Marcus, made him feel inadequate and not good enough for them. So how could he even consider a relationship with Erik Stevens?

Erik and Kyle’s relationship is fast and unfolds with surprising revelations. There are many hurdles to the relationship beginning with Erik living in L.A. and Kyle living in Seattle. In addition, Kyle’s reclusiveness is not ideal when dating a celebrity of Erik’s caliber. Most importantly, Erik’s self-confidence has flourished over the years when Kyle’s has dwindled.

I admire Erik’s honesty about his lifestyle as a Dominant and what that means for Kyle as a submissive. In fact, it’s the best description of a submissive that I’ve read so far basically stating that submissives “are not weak and powerless. They hold the bulk of the control in the relationship. When they are done, the Doms are done.” Kyle is not opposed to the idea so that is definitely not a hurdle. The longer Kyle is with Erik, the better he feels about himself as he deals with his past and moves on with a partner who is proud of him.

All in all, this LGBTQ romantic character-driven novella has a little bit of drama, a lot of heat exploring the BDSM lifestyle, and a HEA ending.


Unlikely Reunion

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