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The Juggle by Emma Murray

The Juggle


‘Clever, wise and achingly funny.’ Cathy Kelly

‘You can have it all,’ they said. ‘Happy children, happy marriage, great career – no problem,’ they said…

Mother-of-one Saoirse is just about holding it all together – combining part time work with the school run, while her husband David gets to focus on his career. But when David loses his job, everything has to change.

With no hesitation, Saoirse suggests she takes on the role of main breadwinner. After all, how hard can it be? And when a new client offers her a life-changing sum of money, Saoirse can look the other over-achieving Woodvale school-run mums in the eye with pride.

But there’s a problem with keeping too many balls in the air – eventually one is bound to drop. And when that happens – well, who knows what the consequences could be…

Laugh-out-loud funny, achingly relatable, but with a heart of gold, and warmth running through every page. This is the perfect read for anyone who has way too many balls in the air! The novel may or may not have been inspired by real life…


Okay. First of all, I had to look up the pronunciation of the name Saoirse so I didn’t murder it every time I came across it. Secondly, I was thoroughly exhausted from laughing at Saoirse’s antics as a mother, wife, friend, and ghostwriter. 

Between the judgemental school moms nicknamed the Organics, her nutcase of a client with his creepy secret invention, her moody daughter, and her redundant, stay-at-home husband looking for his birth mother, what more could happen to Saoirse?  Pull up a chair…

Saoirse is one tough dude holding her life together like a rock star. She servilely outmaneuvers her precocious and manipulative four-year-old Anna, she enjoys brunch sex with her jobless husband, and she is a loyal and wonderful friend to her best friend Bea who is going through some rough times. 

I laughed out loud so many times reading this book including the “blowjobgate” with Mr. Russell at her daughter’s school and the snarky ankle-crushing, scooter-riding Facebook Vale Mums. There are also some very moving and heartbreaking moments with Bea’s situation and David’s search for his birth mother. There is nothing I love more than a book that makes me laugh and cry within just a few chapters as the surprises keep coming to the cliffhanger ending.

I recommend this smart, relatable, and funny book about juggling motherhood, friendship, and family while trying to stay sane in the process.  I can’t wait to see what the author brings in book 2. Give this book a try.

Thank you to Ms. Murray for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectations of a positive review.


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Emma Murray High ResEmma Murray is originally from Co. Dublin and moved to London in her early twenties. After a successful career as a ghostwriter, she felt it was high time she fulfilled her childhood dream to write fiction.

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