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All You Need Is Love by Jessica Redland

All You Need Is Love


When you’ve loved and lost, how do you find the strength to let love in again?

Jemma thinks she’s found the love of her life. Scott is everything she ever dreamed of and she can’t wait to begin the next stage of their life together. But just as she is heading for her happy ever after, a shock revelation shatters Jemma’s life as she knows it. Left to pick up the pieces, Jemma’s friends and family rally round to help her find the courage to move on.

Sam think he has his future all worked out. A thriving career, lovely home and an amazing fiancée. But when tragedy strikes, he finds himself alone, far from everyone he cares about. Did he do the right thing by running away and trying to rebuild the tatters of his life alone?

This is the story of Jemma and Sam. Two lost souls, desperately trying to find closure and happiness. When a chance meeting brings them together a friendship is formed, but the guards are up. 

Will it finally be their turn for a happy ever after? Or will the secrets from their pasts prevent them from moving on?

Escape to Whitsborough Bay for an emotional, uplifting story of love and friendship from top 10 bestseller Jessica Redland. 

This book was previously published as Bear With Me.


This is truly a heartwarming story about love lost and love found. I shed tears and I laughed out loud, but mostly I cheered for Jemma and Sam. Their stories are sad, but they are so right for each other. With Sam’s calm and caring nature, and Jemma’s unending compassion and honesty, they couldn’t be more perfect for each other.

Jemma’s love for her family can be seen in her concern and the important life decisions she makes for her mother’s illness and mood swings. Jemma is a very forgiving person when it comes to Scott’s shocking lies and how he just disappears from her life after such an important night. I have never been ghosted, but I think the author does a great job explaining how it destroys someone’s trust and self-confidence.  Jemma takes it in stride with the support and unadulterated honesty of her awesome friends and family. After all, she has more important things to think about such as finding help for her mother and taking care of her little brother.

Sam’s decision to move to London is not what he thought it would be. My heart breaks for how he lost his fiancée and to see him so lonely in such a large city is so sad.  So when he meets Jemma who happens to be from his hometown of Whitsborough Bay, they really hit it off and change each other’s lives for the better.

As their friendship grows and they open up to each other, Sam and Jemma realize they have an intense connection that may go beyond just friendship. But Sam’s guilt and Jemma’s lack of trust give them pause. Though frustrating at times to see them go forward and then take two steps back, their honesty stays true and they finally have a HEA ending.

I also wanted to mention that I love the Ju-Sea Bears and Jemma’s mom’s Bear With Me shop. What a fun job to have making teddy bears!

I recommend this lovely story filled with heartache and happiness. The characters are believable, and I enjoyed the plotline and the beautiful scenery of Whitsborough Bay. Ms. Redland does a great job covering very important subject matter including Parkinson’s Disease, death, grief, and ghosting. 

Thank you to Ms. Redland for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


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Jessica Redland Author PicJessica Redland is the author of nine novels, including The Secret to Happiness, which are all set around the fictional location of Whitsborough Bay. Inspired by her hometown of Scarborough, she writes uplifting women’s fiction which has garnered many devoted fans.

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