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Restless Coffins (Detective J.T. Ellington #3) by M.P. Wright




The title of Wright’s third book in the Detective J.T. Ellington series, caught my eye as I was browsing NetGalley one day, so after debating if I should read the third book in a series I had never read, I downloaded it and the rest is history.

Set in the tumultuous 1960s among the Vietnam War, ghetto rioting, and the rise of a militant antiwar movement, Joseph Ellington is swept from Bristol to Harlem, to New Orleans, and finally to Barbados inside of just a few days.  The telegram he receives from his cousin Vic (a man with questionable business practices) is short and to the point “Joseph Stop I sincerely regret to inform you of the death of your sister Bernice May Ellington Stop Request you make arrangements to return to Barbados to settle affairs Stop.”  Joseph’s journey to Barbados is laden with violence, death and family secrets that will change his life forever.

Told in Joseph’s point of review, we delve into Joseph’s pain and anger of losing yet another loved one, as well as the fear that he might not make it back to his quiet life in Bristol.  Joseph interacts with many well-developed, colorful characters (good and bad) during a year of much unrest, giving the story depth and credibility convincing me that book 3 can be read on its own.  A fast-paced, quality suspense thriller with plenty of surprises that does contain violence and strong language.  Mr. Wright notes that book 4, Rivers of Blood, is in the works.  Get the whole series at Amazon.

Thank you to Mr. Wright, Black and White Publishing and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.


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wrightM.P. Wright was born in Leicestershire in 1965 into a family farming home that can be traced back through seven generations. When he left school, he pursued his first love, music – not as a musician, but in a variety of support roles before he became a private investigator. But when he realized that excitement and adrenaline were not a good substitute for a proper career and a steady job, he retrained in the mental health sector. His role was at the sharp end of an intense, often dangerous profession, and he was promoted into the probation service and eventually the Home Office, where he was responsible for offender risk assessments.

M.P. Wright has retained his deep love of music, especially film scores, both modern and vintage. He is an aficionado of real ales and is the Writer In Residence at the Criterion Free house in Leicester.

M.P. Wright has two daughters and lives with his wife, Jen, and their two large Rottweiler rescue dogs.


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