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Love Me Like a Love Song ( The Storyhill Musicians #1) by Annmarie Boyle


She used to be on top of the music world. He’s desperate to get there.

Unable to compose since the death of her rock star husband, Grammy award-winning songwriter, Grace O’Connor is terrified the tabloids are right: she’s nothing without her famous husband. But when she’s ordered to help a pompous pretty-boy finish his album or be blacklisted, Grace can’t give up on her love of music—no matter how infuriating her new partner.

Andrew Hayes is crumbling under the weight of his ambition. Determined to prove himself to his hypercritical father, his attempts to write the songs for his band’s first original LP are rapidly unraveling. When his record label sticks him with a washed-up celebrity, the future seems clear: he’s going to let his band down and finally prove his father right.

Forced into an unwilling partnership, the frustration is as thick as the sexual tension. With the deadline looming, Grace and Andrew agree to a temporary truce, only to uncover a far more dangerous threat—a crazy-hot attraction that can’t be denied. But Andrew’s terrified romance will spoil his chances of creating the album that’ll put him on the map, and Grace worries she’s fading into the shadow of a charismatic performer—again.

Will they take a chance at a love that could catapult them both to the top of the charts, or will this complicated couple allow fear to tear them apart?


Holy Macaroni!!! A country a cappella group. Who knew?

Grammy award-winning songwriter and widow Grace O’Connor is facing the future without her famous rock star husband. The music business thinks she’s all washed up because she lost her muse and she is starting to believe them until she is forced to collaborate with Andrew Hayes, the sexy hot singer/songwriter of the country a cappella group, Storyhill. It’s either help or be blackballed by her arrogant music executive where she won’t be able to get a job in the industry ever again. Of course, no one wants their artistic expression criticized by another and Grace has her hands full with angry Andrew who thinks she’s stealing his thunder. Angry she can deal with, it’s the attraction to him that gets her in trouble.

Grace is tired of being referred to as Jax Jensen’s widow. Sure she chose to stay in the background as her husband’s songwriter, but now she wants to prove she can do it on her own. And now she is thrown together with another musician to help him improve his songwriting. Though reluctant at first, her attraction for Andrew grows as well as her sense of independence. Can she have a relationship and a career at the same time?

Andrew didn’t need saving. But he can’t help his attraction to the smart, talented, and beautiful Grace O’Connor. Nope. He can’t mix business with pleasure, but this woman is “literally his saving Grace. From his music to his family, she made everything easier.”

There is nothing better than being completely immersed in a wonderful story about the music world. And what a great idea to have a country a cappella group! Of course, Grace and Andrew are ideal for a relationship with songwriting backgrounds, their passion for music, and the drive to be the best in their profession. I was completely invested in these two from the first moment they butted heads. Their wonderful playful and sexy banter is a hoot as they both give as good as they get. Not to mention the great sex. Gracie and the Cowboy. Can you say, heat? Apparently, everyone around them saw it. Yum!!!

Speaking of supporting characters, the friends and family are many and steal the show. From Grace’s hilarious friend Annie and her adorable girls to Andrew’s bandmates who I hope to see in future books of the series. At one time Grace funnily refers to the band as The Village People: Matt the Rhinestone Cowboy, Nick with the lumber-sexual thing (think hot lumberjack), Bull Market Blake (think sexy office guy), and Joe, the classic bad boy (think crazy post-sex hair).

What’s not to love about this book? It has two of my favorite tropes: enemies-to-lovers and older woman/younger man. It’s about bringing closure to your past and moving forward with your life. The story also includes a multitude of fun characters, witty dialogue, and playful sexy moments which kept me reading well into the night. Highly recommend.


Love Me Like a Love Song

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