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Finding It All (Finding Happiness In Harmony #1) by Stacey Komosinski


Twenty-five-year-old Chloe Larson has never had a relationship or been really kissed by someone. After a rough childhood spent hiding a secret and being ridiculed, Chloe believes she’s better off with only friends around her. That way she can’t get hurt or misused. She spends weekends living life to the fullest with her best friends and roommates Gaby and Jess and weekdays proving her worth as a newly promoted reporter. The thing is, she doesn’t have time for anything romantic. But secretly she longs for that special connection with someone.

Chris Sherman is bored of the selfish women who flock to him. Recently out of a relationship, he isn’t looking for love. But everything changes when he meets Chloe Larson. She has a way about her that excites and intrigues him, leaving him desperate to get to know her.

Will they both find the courage to let each other in and experience the joys and pains of love, life, and happiness to find it all?


As some of you may know, I love new authors and when Stacey asked me to review her debut novel, I was elated. Though this story has two main protagonists, Chloe and Chris, it also contains important supporting characters with their own side stories.  Namely, Chloe’s friends, Gaby and Jess. I love the friendship the three girls have and that Chris, Chloe’s new boyfriend, understands and accepts that. 

Chloe is sweet, yet driven. She is talented in many ways from her excellence as a journalist to her dessert prowess in the kitchen. In addition, she has premonitions which were a source of conflict with her estranged parents growing up. She knows what she loves and she loves with all of her heart. When she meets Chris it is basically love at first sight and observing their growing trust and past confessions is a beautiful thing to see.  Chris is a kind and patient man who is a dedicated high school principal that has lost the appreciation of his profession due to the violence and disrespect of the students. His love for Chloe is what makes him happy. She’s nothing like any woman he’s ever known and is thankful to have her in his life. They are a lovely couple who are perfect for each other.

The chemistry between Chloe and Chris is off the charts, but they take it slow due to Chloe’s inexperience and tragic past with a drunken boy who attacked her. Kudos to Chris for his patience and commitment to let Chloe set the pace. The story has very little drama between the two which is actually refreshing. Sometimes I just need a break from all of the angst and need a delightful love story that gives me the feels. In fact, the scene where Chloe declares her love made me tear up. However, there is some suspense and uneasiness when a stalker starts to follow Gaby, but is nipped in the bud early on.

As for Gaby, after the whole stalker thing, she decides to put a stop to dating because of her bad choices and then runs into an old unattainable high school crush when she is visiting her lovely mother, Momma R, in Harmony. Normally, a very vibrant and happy young woman, Gaby falls into a depression when her mother falls ill and her life choices do not appeal to her anymore.

And, last but not least, roommate number three, Jess, an IT programmer, is dealing with a mother who is depressed, and a sister who is rebelling at home. Though her personal life is a mess, she is moving up in her profession and obtains a lucrative position in California with a hint of a romance that was unfortunately not touched upon like Chloe’s and Gaby’s relationships.

This lovely book presents how a wonderful cast of characters’ lives transition as they find love, purpose, and a new way of life. It’s a true testament to not letting your past define your life and building life-long friendships. 

Thank you to Ms. Komosinski for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Finding It All

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Stacey Komosinski grew up in a small Pennsylvania town strongly influenced by her mother’s passion for reading. She read her first romance novel in her early twenties and hasn’t stopped.

Stacey holds a master’s degree in molecular biology and is employed as a supply chain product leader in the pharmaceutical industry.

She makes the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania her home with her husband, Teddy, and two daughters, Madeline and Anna.

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