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Royally Cursed (V.I.L.F. #2) by Fritzi Cox


After a horrifying stroke of bad luck, I’m starting to think I’m royally cursed.

Just when I thought happily ever after was on the horizon, fate turned my life upside down, leaving my vampire lover picking up the pieces from a night that shattered us both.

Instead of fulfilling my royal destiny by riding off in an enchanted chariot after the investor ball, I was whisked away in the back of a cop car and treated like a wicked stepsister in the scariest place imaginable—the human world.

Mirror Mirror on the wall … who’s my enemy after all?

I’ve trained my entire life to be a princess, but being a prisoner isn’t in my blood.

Will Vail be my white knight, rescuing me after I vanished from his arms? Or am I destined to stay lost forever?

I’m beginning to believe Morningwood is my happily never after.


My life was doomed, no matter which world I chose.

Picking up from the events of Royally Drained, Penelope, a magical fairy princess, has lost her magic and is relegated to the human realm where her friend Fritzi helps her adjust to humanity. Fritzi is Forks’ local reporter as well as a mother to Elly and wife to Henry, a comic genie once trapped in a big blue dildo until Fritzi saved him. Can’t wait to read that story. Anyway, as Penelope realizes she is being hunted by the Council of vampires responsible for the death and destruction at the investor’s ball, she needs to find her way back to Vail, a vampire and the love of her life. She has to save her friends and get revenge on those that massacred many including her godmother, Gertie. But everything she knew about herself and her life is a lie.

As Penelope and Vail work their way back to each other, traitors are revealed, people aren’t who they thought they were, and Penelope’s idea to make a big change that doesn’t go exactly as planned. There are many twists and turns going on in this book that explain Penelope’s unusual transformation from a princess to something darker. Determined to get her vengeance on the vampire Council and go home to the magic realm, she makes a decision that goes against everything Vail stands for, but he stands by the woman he loves no matter the consequences. 

There are also are a number of great supporting characters such as Fritzi and her family, Vail’s vampire brothers and Penelope’s hilarious misfit menagerie including a drunken goat, a clutsy gargoyle, and a snarky Mirror Mirror. And wait until you meet Big Glug Glug the celebrity rapper goblin. LOL funny!

Overall, I recommend this action-packed continuance of the V.I.L.F. series with a quirky cast of characters and a surprising cliffhanger ending. I do suggest you read book 1 to get the full effect of the series.

Thank you to Ms. Cox for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


Royally Cursed

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Fritzi CoxFritzi Cox is a dark soul with a wicked sense of humor. She regularly bathes in the blood of her enemies while sipping champagne and hashtagging her vibes. She’s fond of plotting mayhem, writing spellbinding twists, and tickling her readers with an over-the-top sense of humor. Rumor has it, her alter ego, Kat Addams, is her spirit animal. Or is it the other way around? Either way, expect Fritzi to keep you on your toes!

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