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We Are 100 by Nathan Timmel


After losing his wife, Evan Francart is depressed. He has an axe to grind with the pharmaceutical company that jacked up the price of her medications, but feels powerless against a billion-dollar corporation.

Then he meets Cassandra.She shows Evan a way to both end his life and become a hero. With her guidance, Evan interrupts a company board meeting and blows the building sky-high.

As FBI agents Susan Chamberlain and Michael Godwin discover, Evan is the first of many. Ninety-nine more like him wait anonymously in the wings, their targets just as personal as Evan’s: the prosecutor who lets rapists walk free, the inept surgeon who maims patients yet keeps operating, the phony evangelist preying on those seeking solace… and that’s just the beginning.Will the FBI unearth Cassandra’s identity before all 100 have carried out their plans? 


Revenge is sweet and boy, does Mr. Timmel’s bone-chilling thriller give it in spades!

The 100 is not going to take it anymore. Many are tired of getting screwed by the 1%, the powerful, the wealthy, so a movement of angry citizens is making itself heard by any means possible. Death to lawyers, big pharma CEOs, bank presidents, rapists, white supremacists, and pedophiles.  But who is feeding this anger? An algorithm named Cassandra that’s who. She was created to feed on support groups. To weaponize grief. Will it teach those who take from the poor and downtrodden that their time is up?

FBI agents Susan Chamberlain and Michael Godwin are assigned to the case and are scrambling to get ahead of the chaos.  Cassandra wants copycats, and the 100 has a growing fanbase playing right into her plans. Time is of the essence to find the creator behind Cassandra and to stop the bedlam it has generated.

Mr. Timmel’s take on domestic terrorism is brilliant. From the diligent and relentless FBI agents to the meticulous and ingenious mastermind behind the whole dynamic revenge plot, I was engrossed from the very first page. The interactions between the newly paired FBI agents are captivating and sometimes humorous as they pick their way through a vast internet trying to find the needle in the haystack. Being inside Cassandra’s creator’s mind is intriguing and fascinating as they try to predict all of the angles from not getting caught and presenting their own final act of revenge.  

The intensity never wanes in this book as the reader is catapulted to the surprising ending. The pacing is perfect, the premise is fascinating, and the characters are well-developed. In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing the agents in a sequel.

Thank you to Mr. Timmel for contacting me for a review of his new fiction novel with no expectation of a positive review.


We Are 100

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Nathan Timmel has been writing since he could scribble using crayons. As a comedian, he has released six albums—four of which are in rotation on Sirius/XM radio—and has appeared on The Bob & Tom Show.

Nathan currently lives in Iowa with his wife, daughter (who was born on his wedding anniversary. Neat, eh?), son, and their annoying cat (named Turtle).

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