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Faded Sunset by Rachel Blaufeld


To the outside world, my universe is bright and shiny. No one would imagine how dim and dark my life really is. With a fractured heart and a broken body, I dream about breaking free.

When I meet Mick Grantham by chance one day, it feels serendipitous. At first, he thinks I’m just another vibrant lady who lunches, but Mmy situation brings out his compassion.

It’s dangerous to get to know him—one of us is likely to get hurt—but something undeniable draws me to him. Our path seems fated . . . until the day we’re forced to a halt and hard decisions must be made.

Not all happy endings are born easily, but those won through adversity are often the most satisfying.


I don’t usually like to read books that have infidelity in them, but Margaret’s tragic story bears reading for those women who need to get out of a desperate situation.

Margaret is a wife and mother who adores her daughter Priscilla “Priss” and fears her volatile and unpredictable husband. Margaret has lost herself in an abusive marriage that could only get worse. So when she meets a handsome and kind stranger in a bar who awakens the person she used to be, he gives her hope for the future.

Mick is a confirmed bachelor who has made his fortune in a job he loves. He believes he is content in his life until he meets a beautiful woman who appears sad and lost. A woman who has stirred something in him like no other. A woman in a loveless marriage who feels trapped. A woman he wants to protect at all costs. 

Margaret and Mick are treading carefully in a relationship destined to fail, but Mick gives Margaret the space she needs while encouraging her to be the woman she deserves to be. It takes some time for Margaret to find her way, but with the help of her precocious daughter, Priss, her supportive new friends, Sheila and Dale, and of course, the wonderfully patient and compassionate, Mick, she finally discovers what truly makes her happy.

I am delighted to recommend this very real and encouraging story about domestic abuse and the will to get out of the cycle of pain and worry. 


Faded Sunset

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Rachel Blaufeld is a bestselling author of Romantic Suspense, New Adult, Coming-of-Age Romance, and Sports Romance. A recent poll of her readers described her as insightful,generousarticulate, andspunky. Originally a social worker, Rachel creates broken yet redeeming characters. She’s been known to turn up the angst like cranking up the heat in the dead of winter.

A devout coffee drinker and doughnut eater, Rachel spends way too many hours in local coffee shops, downing the aforementioned goodies while she plots her ideas. Her tales may all come with a side of angst and naughtiness, but end as lusciously as her treats.

As a side note, Blaufeld, also a long-time blogger and an advocate of woman-run anything, is fearless about sharing her opinion. To her, work/life/family balance is an urban legend, but she does her best.

Rachel has also blogged for The Huffington PostModern Mom,andUSA TODAY,where she shared conversations at “In Bed with a Romance Author”and reading recommendations at “Happy Ever After.”

Rachel lives around the corner from her childhood home in Pennsylvania with her family and two beagles. Her obsessions include running, coffee, basketball, icing-filled doughnuts, antiheroes, and mighty fine epilogues.

When she isn’t writing, she can be found courtside, tweeting about hoops as her son plays, or walking around the house wearing earplugs while her other son, the drummer, bangs away.

Follow Rachel on her website, Facebook, Facebook Group, Twitter, and Instagram.

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