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Waylon: Angel and the Ruthless Reaper (Ruthless MC #1) by Theodora Taylor


The devil MC offered to teach me everything I’d need to know to get the perfect guy….then ended up taking my soul.

Since aging out of the foster care system and becoming a nurse, all I dreamed of was marrying a nice doctor and moving to a two-story house in the suburbs.

So how did a dangerous biker gang criminal end up handcuffed to my bed? And why did I agree to let that animal teach me how to…ahem…do things. Wicked things. In the very same bed I handcuffed him to in order to keep myself safe? Long story. And it didn’t end well.

Now it’s time to marry my doctor fiancé and make all my former foster kid dreams come true. But who do I spot at the back of the church after I walk down the aisle to join with my perfect groom in marriage?

That dangerous MC. His ice-cold eyes are blazing with rage. And this time he’s totally unchained.

Gulp. It’s not such a nice day for a white wedding, after all. I’m not even one-percent sure I’m going to get out of this one with my heart–or my soul–intact.

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I normally like motorcycle club romances with alpha heroes and their women, but this one fell short.

The premise was a good one with a broken woman vowing to make something of her life as a nurse practitioner after her horrible experience in foster care. But the execution of the plot is unbelievable and the writing is repetitive and doesn’t flow for me.  I mean how many times can a man’s smell be described as leather and engine. Engine? It’s not like he’s a bike mechanic though I’m not sure what he actually does to make money. Something that wasn’t covered in the book. Also, repeating lines throughout the book “What am I doing? What am I doing? What am I doing?” is just hasty writing to me.  

I was enthralled at the start of the book, but the story just kept getting more and more unbelievable to me.  Without giving it away, I’m from Iowa and what Waylon does there just wouldn’t happen.  I was also put off by how he talked. It was a big turnoff to me.  As for Amira, she is strong, but naive and could have made better choices all around. She has the smarts and the strength to be the good person she wants to be. Unfortunately, she chose good sex with a psycho over her career.  I liked that she held her ground with Waylon; however, the sex scene at the wedding was just cringy. Believe me, I have read all kinds of nasty scenes that were written well and the other man deserved what Waylon did to him, but I think it comes down to the bad writing again and I just thought it was too much.  

The supporting characters are my favorite part of the book.  Persy and Hades have a tumultuous relationship that needs some exploring as well as Doc and Vampire’s heated looks and hands-off relationship. 

Overall, I think this story could be better, but if you like obsessive alpha males and their captives, give this book a try.

Thank you to Ms. Taylor for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.



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Theodora TaylorAfter logging time as a music journalist, playwright, and radio writer, Theodora Taylor began writing hot books with heart in 2012. With thirty plus romances published to date, she has earned four KDP All-Star bonuses. Known for writing alternative heroes and smart, feisty heroines, Theodora’s 50 Loving States series has become a one-click stop for an ever-growing number of rabid readers. When not thinking of ways to write and sell even more hot books with heart, she enjoys spending time with her amazing family, going on date nights with her wonderful husband, learning German, watching ALL the Shonda Rhimes shows ever, and attending parties thrown by others. She also loves hearing from voices that don’t originate inside her head, so please…

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