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Under the Midnight Sky by Jackie Steele


What would you do if you carried a secret so deep, you can’t remember it?

After losing her parents and memory following a tragic accident, twenty-four-year-old Anastasia Hartford is trying to rebuild her life in NYC. When an anonymous note is left for her, and news of an inheritance reaches her, she decides to move to the one place that might just bring back her memories.

What she finds there are questions that lead to more questions…some so intriguing she can’t help but wonder if the mystery surrounding her new home is more than meets the eye. Just below the surface is waiting an unsettling truth that may set Anastasia free…or shatter her forever.

Sexy and charismatic Scott Josh McMillan knows what he wants. Having fought the hardest battle in his life, he isn’t about to let anyone in. When he meets Anastasia, he knows that it’s time to break his own rules. As both struggle to come to terms with their past, could love and healing blossom where hope was once lost?

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I was asked to review this book by Ms. Steele and I admit it had me hooked from the very first chapter. A lonely woman living in New York City with amnesia starts receiving threatening notes at the same time she inherits a family estate in Scotland. Who is she? Who is following her? What did she do to receive such ominous threats?

After a tragic accident that killed her parents, Anastasia “Ana” Hartford is left alone with no memory of her family or the accident that left her with amnesia. Starting over has been difficult and isolating as she keeps her memory loss a secret from the people she meets. All except her kind and mothering therapist and her only friend, Ira. Menacing notes are left at her job and most chillingly in her apartment and she is certain someone is followng her. So when she finds out a grand-aunt has left Ana her large estate in remote Scotland, she leaves everything behind to hopefully start over.

From the first moment she sees her new home it feels familiar and comforting. Even her aunt’s cat Benny seems to like her company despite everyone’s warning that he was aloof and distant to others. Then she meets her handsome and kind neighbor, Josh, who seems to have a heartbreaking past of his own. Ana is drawn to Josh’s charm and gentlemanly manners. She feels an immediate connection and a spark with him that confuses and flusters her. But things aren’t what they seem as she gradually learns more details about her aunt’s accident that aren’t adding up…and then there is that feeling of being watched again.

I was on tenterhooks reading this book and trying to find out who Josh is and what is the secret Ana may know that is putting her in danger. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait for the next book because this one ends in a cliffhanger. My heart broke for Ana and her loneliness which really drew me in. I can’t imagine not knowing who you are and maybe never finding out. The suspense is well-written and the characters are intriguing as I try to piece everything together and guess who is involved in Ana’s demise, who has Ana’s best interests at heart, and most importantly who is Ana.

I highly recommend this very intense story filled with mystery, intrigue, love, and hope. The characters are mysterious and charming and the Scottish setting is beautiful.

Thank you to Ms. Steele for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


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Under the Midnight Sky

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Jackie S. Steele has lived and studied in England. Her love for books began when she stumbled upon her first library. Today she still loves the smell of books, and curling up with a good novel, sipping coffee or green tea, and taking long walks.

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