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Ten Thousand I Love Yous by Lisa Slabach



At sixteen, Kimberly Kirby thought the only thing she needed to be perfectly happy was to spend the rest of her life with Jay Braxton. Twenty years later, she still believes it. As they proudly watch their daughter, Haley, graduate from high school, she imagines her life is as perfect as anyone could reasonably expect. Jay is a formidable attorney, she a freelance writer, and their love as strong as ever. With Haley heading to UC Berkeley in the fall, Kimberly fantasizes about making love on the kitchen table. She has no clue that Jay’s bags are already packed.

Now divorced and determined to squelch her love for Jay, she accepts a gig writing a sex and dating blog for divorcees. As the Virgin Dater, she is on the hunt for love. No-strings-attached nights with a sexy fireman and moving to San Francisco are just what she needs to boost her battered ego and mend her shattered heart.

But just as she falls for a talented young chef, Jay fights to win her back. Torn between their shared history and her bold new life, she questions if there is too much to forgive. The ten thousand I love yous that had passed Jay’s lips can’t be dismissed, but nor can her newfound freedom and the knowledge that her happiness doesn’t depend on Jay.

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I can’t express how much I love this book even though I wasn’t 100 percent sure I agreed with Kimberly’s decision at the end. What I admired about this book is the honesty and devastation Ms. Slabach depicts in Kimberly’s journey from happily married, to divorced, to dating. It’s a whirlwind of believable and heartfelt emotions that this reader experienced right along with the main character.

Kimberly Braxton is happily married to her high school sweetheart and ready to spend time as empty nesters with her husband until he walks out on her the day they see their daughter off to college. Kimberly’s journey is tough and demoralizing as she evaluates her life without the only man she has ever loved. From gaining her self-esteem back to getting back into the dating game, Kimberly finds herself falling into new relationships and restless for a new start in life. What new adventures await her?

Kimberly’s journey is a well-traveled one by many. Her husband Jay is an asshole for the way he degraded her and walked out on her only to keep appearing later on to mess with her head. Just when she gets settled into a new routine with her life and a new relationship, she is knocked back by Jay’s confusing questions and jealousy which gives her pause about his true feelings for her. Kimberly works hard to come out of her depression by going to the gym and trying to date again. Her summer fling with the hot fireman, Kevin, is great physically, but there is too much baggage between the two of them.

I cheered for Kimberly’s decision to move to San Francisco and start over. I thought it was best for her emotionally to get away from the constant reminders of her past. I also enjoyed her charming new relationship with Joshua whom she crushed on from the local grocery store only to run into a more mature sous chef Joshua in San Francisco months later. She has a hangup about their 10-year age difference, but he is so sweet and wise behind his years. His suggestion for her to spend a weekend with her ex to hash out their relationship is the epitome of selflessness and maturity. Apparently, Kimberly’s ex is regretting his rash decision to divorce her and now wants her back. Who will she pick? Read the book and find out.

Ms. Slabach’s writing is so smooth and easy to read that I devoured this book in a day. Her character building is captivating and her plot has some twists and turns that surprised me. It’s a story about loss, grief, acceptance, and self-discovery. It’s also about owning up to your mistakes and fighting for what you believe in. Pick up this delightful book. It won’t disappoint.

Thank you to Ms. Slabach for giving me the opportunity to read this book with no expectation of a positive review.


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Ten Thousand I Love Yous

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Lisa SlabachTen Thousand I Love Yous is Lisa Slabach’s second novel. She is currently working on her third full-length manuscript and a collection of short stories inspired by her experiences growing up in a small farm community in Washington’s Yakima Valley. In addition to writing, Lisa is a Fintech Relationship Executive for a Fortune 500 Company. She is a long-time resident of Northern California and lives with her husband, one-hundred-forty-pound puppy and numerous goldfish. In her free time, she enjoys wine tasting, shopping with her daughters, and cooking in her pink kitchen.

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